Andrew Rome

born: Abt 1680
died: 14 Mar 1740, Scales (``Scails''), Dumfriesshire, Scotland
bur.: Dornock,Dumfriesshire,Scotland
Jannet ROME
David ROME
James ROME

Evidence for Andrew as the head of this family comes from the family's gravestone inscriptions in the Dornock parish cemetery. There are three tombstones (beside each other) which mention Andrew Rome of Scales. Scales is spelled Scales, Skails and Scails on the inscriptions. There is an East Scales and a West Scales, located a mile or two south of Kirkpatrick Fleming.

The following memorial inscriptions are taken from a survey done in 1964 by R.A and Michael Shannon of the parish of Dornock. Dornock is just east of the city of Annan, a few miles southwest of Kirkpatrick Fleming. They are my only clue about these earliest generations of Rome ancestors so far. There are at least 18 graves in the Dornock cemetery mentioning the Rome surname.

No. 321.
Here lyes Andrew ROME in Scails who departed this life March 14th 1740 age 60. Also Margaret BYERS wife of the undermentioned Andrew ROME in Brackenbushrig who died December 1782 aged 67. Also Mary HOPE spouse to James ROME who died August 1811 aged (gap) In memory of Andrew ROME who died at Woodhouse 22nd August 1820 age 68. Also Thomas ROME his son who died 27th January 1819 age 17. Also David his son who died November 1821 age 14. Also Andrew David and Sibella his children who died in infancy. Also James ROME his son who die at Faldircleuch 26th September 1858 age 53. Also Jean Rome MURRAY his granddaughter who died 6th October 1854 age 18.

No. 322.
Here lyes Jannet ROME daughter to Andrew ROME in Skails who died October 31st 1745 age 37. And Thomas ROME son to James ROME in Skails who died September 20th 1763 age 5.

No. 324.
John Rome son of Andrew Rome in Scales who died 17th October 1743 age 27. Also David Rome in Brackenbushrig who died 26th August 1786 age 69. Also John Rome in Hayfield who died 20th January 1815 age 61. Also David Rome his son who died 18th May 1833 age 44. And Jean Rae spouse to the above John Rome who died 13th May 1844 age 81. Also James Rome their son who died 11th February 1843 age 56.

Here's the description of the origins of the Rome name from a book on the surnames of Scotland:
The Romes were a small clan living under the protection of the Johnstones in Gretna in the 16th century but subsequently increased their fortunes and estates. For a time they possessed the castle of Dalswinton. From other text, apparently they held that castle between 1638--1674 at least.

Sources for this individual: @S1384@ @S164@

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