Reece Jones Morgan

born: 2 Feb 1773, Virginia
died: 4 Dec 1835, near Prairie Creek,Vigo Co.,Indiana
bur.: northwest of Prairie Creek,Vigo Co.,Indiana, at Lykens Cemetery
spouse: Lucretia CRAWFORD
marr: 3 Jan 1801, Paris,Bourbon Co.,KY
born: 8 May 1778, ``the mountains'',Kentucky
died: Feb 1864, Sullivan Co.,Indiana
bur.: northwest of Prairie Creek,Vigo Co.,Indiana, at Lykens Cemetery
Elizabeth C. MORGAN
Deborah C. MORGAN
William Crawford MORGAN
Reece Jones MORGAN
Valentine MORGAN
Lucretia C. MORGAN
Father: David MORGAN (-1817)
Mother: Deborah JONES (1751-)

Reece purchased 69 acres of land on 20 Feb 1796 in Bourbon Co., KY with David Morgan, (his father or brother) from Henry De Witt. The land was ``lying on the waters of Brushy Fork of Hinkstone.''

Reece Jones Morgan came to Indiana roughly 1830, according to his daughter-in-law Frances (Thompson) Morgan. Frances said Reece's son Valentine came to Indiana with his father when Valentine was about thirteen. The migration year is put at 1829 by a biography of his grandson Cassius Homer Morgan. He's in the 1830 census in Vigo Co.

According a newspaper article about the 100th annual Thanksgiving reunion dinner among Reece's descendents, Reece Jones Morgan made the move to Indiana in 1829 because land in Indiana was cheap. He came up the Wabash River from Kentucky to Prairie Creek on a raft, They decided it looked pretty good there, so they turned into Prairie Creek.

On March 2, 1832, Reese Morgan and his wife Lucretia of Vigo county, Indiana sold to Mitchell Dazel their 94.75 acres of land on McBride's Creek in Nicholas County, Kentucky. % McBride's Run or Creek % lies southwest of Carlisle, the next tributary to Hinkston Creek south of Brushy Fork Creek, about three miles south. Brushy Fork Creek is where Reece and his father or brother David bought land in 1796.

I have seen the Lykens cemetery name spelled Lyken, Likens, Lykias, and Larkens, but the USGS spells it Lykens so that's what I'm using. It is located off Route 63 on Liston Road. According to his daughter-in-law Frances (Thompson) Morgan, a daughter of Reese was also buried along with him and Lucretia at Lykens. But I don't know which one.

Census: 1810, Bourbon Co.,KY
Census: 1820, Nicholas Co.,KY
Census: 1830, Vigo Co.,Indiana

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