Jane Cullen

born: 28 Mar 1826, Barrindarrig Parish,Co. Wicklow,Ireland
bapt: Kilbride/Barnderrig Parish,Co. Wicklow,Ireland
died: 28 Dec 1862, Clinton Co.,Iowa
bur.: Villa Nova,Clinton Co.,Iowa, at St. Patrick's
spouse: George FARRELL
marr: Abt 1850, Clinton Co.,Iowa
born: 9 May 1829, Dublin,Co. Dublin,Ireland
died: 24 Mar 1882, De Witt,Clinton Co.,Iowa
bur.: 26 Mar 1882, Villa Nova,Clinton Co.,Iowa, at St. Patrick's
occu: farmer
Martha Mary FARRELL
Maria Jane FARRELL
Marcella FARRELL
Katherine ``Kate'' FARRELL
Elizabeth FARRELL
infant FARRELL
infant FARRELL

Jane died giving birth to twins, who also died. The information on her birthplace, birth and death dates come from her tombstone, which is weathered, broken, and repaired, and very hard to read now. The tombstone reads,
Here lies the Remains of
Jane Farrell
though alas Cullan of the Parish of Barrinderrig Co. of Wicklow, Ireland
Departed this life
Died Dec. 28, 1862
aged 36 yrs, 9 mo.
May her soule rest in peace Amen
Good people pray for my soule
Is in Jesus triumphantly i lived
So in Jesus exultingly died
The terrors of death calmly bore
In his bosom i gave my last sigh
That God may have mercy on my soule

According to memories of Ellen (Kealy) Hirsch (Jane's granddaughter), the twins who died at the same time as Jane were buried in the coffin with Jane.

Also according to Ellen (Kealy) Hirsch, ``Jane Cullen (or Cuileann) was born in the Parish of Barnderrig, County of Wicklow, Ireland, March 28, 1826. She came to the United States with her parents who settled in Wisconsin. ''

Clinton County land records show that on March 9, 1853, Jane Farrell acquired 40 acres of land from Bernard Cullen (SW SE Section 12, twp. 82 range 4, deed book D).

In the 1870 Census, there is a Francis Cullen living with the George Farrell family. (Wash. twp, Clinton Co., Iowa). It seems likely that Francis was a relative of Jane.

Recent findings of a family member who went to Ireland state that Jane's parents were William Cullen and Ester Smullen.

From Genforum.genealogy.com: posted by Monica Sharp on June 27, 1999 My sister traveled to Co. Wicklow, Ire., and she found records from the parish priest, in an old book listing baptisms,etc. She found that Jane Cullen's parents were William Cullen and Ester Smullen (correct spelling of her maiden name---kind of funny that it's so similar). Jane had two sisters, Sara, 1827 and Anne born 1829. One of the sponsors to Jane's baptism was Patrick Cullen (don't know if he was her father's brother or how they were related.) My sister, Peggy is having a Family book made by a genealogist in Ireland and this should shed some light. The parish Kilbride/Barnderrig in Ireland and Father Moore was the parish priest there. In followups, Monica gives 1 Feb 1827 for Sara's birth (baptism) date and 27 Sep 1829 for Anne.

A pedigree chart for Melvin George Foley, Jane's great-grandson, says Jane's mother had the last name of Thomson. This would seem to be disproved by the more recent Cullen information.

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