David Washington Morgan

born: 1775-1780, Virginia
died: 21 Jan 1835, Scott Co.,Indiana
bur.: near Austin,Scott Co.,Indiana, at Friendship Cemetery
spouse: Sarah HUGHBANKS
marr: Abt 1804
born: 1775-1784, Maryland
died: 28 Sep 1844, Scott Co.,Indiana
Lucretia MORGAN
Reese (Reece) MORGAN
Sarah Ann ``Sally'' MORGAN
Nathan R. MORGAN
Rebecca MORGAN
Father: David MORGAN (-1817)
Mother: Deborah JONES (1751-)

David came with his father and other family members from Virginia to Bourbon County, Kentucky. David (or perhaps his father, David, Sr.) and Reese Morgan of Bourbon County, Kentucky bought 69 acres of land on the ``Brushy Fork of Hinkstone'' in Bourbon county on Feb. 20, 1796 from Henry DeWitt.

%Location of Bourbon Co., KY

The Brushy Fork of Hinkstone Creek lies in what is now Nicholas County, Kentucky. % Brushy Fork Creek % runs roughly west from Carlisle (in Nicholas County) to southeast of Millersburg where it joins Hinkston Creek. Hinkston Creek now forms the boundary between Nicholas and Bourbon Counties from Millersburg to the southeast.

On Feb. 11, 1814, David Morgan of Bourbon county bought 80 acres of land from Benjamin Clark lying on Beaver Creek in Nicholas County. % lies northwest of Carlisle, roughly 5 miles away from Brushy Fork.


David and family moved from Bourbon County, Kentucky to Scott County, Indiana, settling near Austin. They moved about 1822 since David Morgan of Scott County pays a fine in September of that year.

There are probate records of David's estate which name his heirs dated May 9, 1836. The names discernable are: Rees Morgan, Rebecca Rawlings, Lucretia Pierson and James Morgan who are called adult heirs. Infant heirs discernable are: David Morgan and Page Morgan. The original page had a corner chewed off by mice and the space could have listed three or more heirs (probably infants).

In that probate record, Rees (or Reis) Morgan, the administrator of the estate, wants to sell 40 acres that David owned to be able to pay the debts of the estate. The sale is expected to yield about $120. The land is the NE Quarter of the NW Quarter, section 24, Twp 4, range 6.

David Morgan was issued a patent from the US Land Office in Jeffersonville, Indiana, for that same 40 acres (NE Quarter of the NW Quarter, section 24, Twp 4, range 6E, Scott Co.,Indiana) on 25 Sep 1835. You can find an image of this land patent on the WWW at % http://www.glorecords.blm.gov/IN/0320/044.tif. % (If your browser can't display TIFF files, you can go to http://www.glorecords.blm.gov/ and use their searcher to find this record.)

More information about David Morgan's family comes from hand written notes of Scott County historian, Carl R. Bogardus, which names children Lucretia, Rees (Reece), Thomas, Sarah (Sally), James, David, Page, Nathan and Rebecca. It indicates David and Page were thought to have gone to Iowa.

I don't know why David's estate records don't mention the son Thomas. Thomas' 1880 Keokuk biography names his father as David and the details fit with this David. Also, the old Carl Bogardus notes do mention a son Thomas, and there is a male of Thomas' age with David in the 1820 and 1830 censuses who would otherwise not be accounted for.

Census: 1810, Bourbon Co.,KY
Census: 1820, Bourbon Co.,KY
Census: 1830, Scott Co.,Indiana

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