Shannon, Lucey, Farrell, Reed, Lawlor Genealogy

This tells part of the story of five Irish families who settled in Clinton County, Iowa. These families all lived within a few miles of one another in Iowa at one time or another, were all Catholics and there were many intermarriages between them. Even though some of them eventually moved on to other parts of Iowa, most of the original immigrants had their remains returned to Clinton county for burial.

This is also the story of all the ancestors and relatives of my grandmother Mary Teresa (Shannon) Morrison Here is a county outline map of Ireland showing the approximate locations of the origins of my grandmother's ancestors. The records used to assemble the families here come from a wide variety of sources. It started with a large core of family records maintained by my grandmother, Mary Teresa (Shannon) Morrison, and her sister, Regina (Shannon) Smith. Also, a few pages listing a lot of the Farrell descendents was assembled in the 1960s. My uncle, Lyman Morrison, computerized all that information and greatly expanded it. He and I have used a large number of records to expand upon the descendents, including census records, obituaries, county vital records, cemetery records, and a lot of information from other relatives we've found along the way.

There is also information on an auxilliary Shannon branch who are related, but slightly more distantly. These Shannons came from Co. Clare to primarily the Chicago area in the 2nd half of the 19th century. Nearly all the information on them comes from a descendent, Mary (Shannon) Flood.

Are you related to most of these Irish Iowans? Are you considering printing out dozens (or even hundreds) of pages of the information here? If so, please let me know! I can make provide all the information here (and much more) in a more compact book format if enough people ask me to.

All The Others (Morrison, Morgan,..)

I now have information about relatives of my maternal grandfather, Forrest Morrsion, on the WWW also. This has been gathered from a wide variety of sources, too numerous to mention here. This includes surnames Morrison, Morgan, Matthews, Ballard, White, Hoge, Hume, Scott, and others. These are indexed separately from the above Irish ancestors of my grandmother.

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