Here's what's new on this site on my mother's side:

Always check out the article index and the photo index because they continue to grow.

Farrell relatives: Don't miss my special Farrell Family Photo Project, an index to my growing collection of old photos of the George Farrell family.

Changes in roughly reverse chronological order:

July, 2008 - Jan 2009 updates

New ancestors! for John Rome, an ancestor in Scotland of our Gilchrist line. The furthest back of these ancestors starts with Andrew Rome.

There is the usual bunch of new obituaries from late 2008. Also there are several new photos .

Other small updates:

  • William Morrison (b. 1825) (new photo)
  • Miles Irby Matthews
  • The Killeinagh resident Shannons
  • March-June 2008 updates

    March 2008: There are many new obituaries from late 2007 and early 2008. Several new photos , esp. in the John and Teresa Shannon family, including a notable photo of my gg-grandmother, Catherine Lawler Farrell.

    New ancestors! I have new ancestors shown for Isabelle Jane McMahon wife of Adonijah Morgan There isn't a lot of proof, but it seems correct.

    Here's a list of some of the families who have changed from other records:

  • Milton Reynolds Matthews (new photo)
  • Lucinda Matthews Sprague (new photos)
  • Joseph Edward Showalter
  • Matthews, Alfred Blackstone (new photos)
  • Matthews Slaughter, Lucinda R.
  • Matthews, Mary C. ``Polly'' (1805-1875)
  • Matthews, Obadiah
  • William Henry Harrison Morgan
  • William Jasper Ballard
  • Morgan, John Fletcher
  • Morgan, James (1814 to 1860-70)
  • Morgan, Sarah Lucinda (1828-)
  • Morgan, John Thomas (1819-1893)
  • Wilkinson, J. Errett (1890-19969)
  • Morgan, Ibby wife of Thomas Jefferson Norvell
  • Morgan, Porter Heath (obits for his children)
  • Nov 2007 updates

    Most of my 2007 changes have come from obituaries I've found or been given. Here's a list of most of the families who have changed:
    Mary Shannon Boysen
    Ann Lawler Blessington
    Francis Patrick Kenney
    Edward Thomas Lawler
    Katherine Hanson Starbuck
    William Cleophus ``Cleo'' McDermott
    Florence E. Lawlor King
    Reed M. Lawlor
    Mary Frances ``Mollie'' Farrell Showalter
    George Peter Gilchrist
    Marie Natalie Donegan Taylor
    Margaret E. Lawlor Farrell
    Leo Patrick McGarry
    Henry James Lawler
    Daniel Irenas Lawler
    John William Lawler
    Thomas Emmet Lawler
    Joseph Patrick Lawler
    Alicia Lawler Schober
    Loretta Agnes Lawler O'Leary
    Elmer Eugene Morgan
    Patrick Joseph Lawlor
    Margaret Fitzgerald Pirnie
    Edwin Thomas Showalter
    John Francis ``Frank'' Kealy
    Agnes Julia Kealy Hohlfeld
    Margaret Kealy Goodwin
    Harold J. Showalter
    Mary Ellen ``Mamie'' Lawler Cummings
    Angela Mary Lawler Crowningshield
    Joseph Patrick Lawlor
    Loretta Irene Lawlor Swanson
    Mary Elizabeth Matthews
    Lloyd Matthews
    Milton Shannon Earnest
    Selina Ann "Celia" Earnest Family
    America Jane Earnest
    Hannah May Matthews
    Albert ``Bert'' Blessington
    Margaret Ireanus ``Irene'' Beitenman Toedt
    Irene Shannon Maus
    Ellen E. ``Nellie'' Foley McGuire
    Mary Elizabeth ``Mollie'' Breen Kealy Cahill
    Elizabeth Kealy Reitz
    William Edward Kealy
    Rosa Morrison Whitworth
    Joseph Black
    Charles Edward Paswaters
    Oscar William Paswaters
    Franklin ``Frank'' Omar Paswaters
    Frances Jane "Jennie" Lucey Hamill
    Denis Lucey
    John J. Lucey
    Jeremiah Jerry. Lucey
    Marquette Aloysius "Mark" Lucey
    Edward Phillip Lucey
    Anita Marguerite Hamill Kelly
    Delia Shannon Forrest
    Lin Dorwin Cartwright
    Ruth Mae Scott Clump
    Ray Wendell Burget

    2006 updates

    Several obituaries resulting in updates for the William Reed family who moved to Nebraska.
    New information about Ralph Morgan , son of Carey E. Morgan
    Small corrections to sisters Lucinda Matthews and Clarinda Matthews
    Ballard: Photo of the tombstone of my 4g-gf John Ballard and of the second wife his son Philip Ballard . Also, transcriped wills and corrected death dates for William Ballard and his wife.
    New Shannon info!
    Details about the Mary Margaret Shannon Loter family and a little about her sister Nora
    I found that the last surviving grandchild of Patrick and Julia (Lucey) Shannon (my gg-grandparents), Frances Leone Skelley Eby died in 2000. I also obtained a copy of her obituary.
    Details about the circumstances of the death of Veronica Shannon Phoenix
    Several misc. Lawler obits, for instance, some in the family of Joseph Lawler and Charlotte Hamill and George and Ethel (Downey) Lawler
    Watt family: Updates and obits for the family of Rowland Whitfield Watt and his cousin Alice Clementine Hamill Moats
    Matthews: Updates on the children of Alfred Blackstone Matthews including a couple biographies and obits.
    Small updates for the William Penn Ballard Family

    Winter 2006 updates

    Dozens of new photos have been added!

    Lots of new photos of John and Teresa Farrell Shannon and family.
    Lots of new photos of Elizabeth (Farrell) and John Showalter and their children.
    New photos and info on the Mollie (Farrell) and Frank Showalter family.
    New photos of Albert and Blanch Scott
    New obits and info for the Mahannah family, including sons Joe Mahannah and George Mahannah
    Updated William Hateley and son
    New evidence linking William Shannon to Elizabeth Davoren and daughter Loretta Shannon
    New obits and info for the Fannie (Roller) Mullin family
    New obits and info for the Helen (Roller) Geiger family
    Matthews family: added scans of some documents for TQ Joel, Obediah, and Louisa
    Additional descendents of Nancy (Green) Trout
    Eliza Jane (Green) Duckwall
    Rachel Jane (Green) Brown

    Summer 2005 updates

    Most of these are pretty small individual updates. A few have considerable details filled in.

    Evelyn Shannon Weinbeck (dates corrected)
    Elizabeth Farrell Showalter (new photos!)
    Mary Frances Showalter (new photos!)
    Agnes Kealy Hohlfeld family
    Joseph Kealy
    Hazel Kealy Roth
    Thomas Ray Kealy
    Angela Lawler Crowningshield
    Joseph Lawler and Charlotte Hamill family
    George and Ethel Lawler
    Joseph E. Lawler
    Daniel Lawler
    Alice Lawler Schober
    Leo Dunn
    Gertrude Lawler and Martin O'Connell
    Gertrude McDermott Brinkman
    Ann Lawler Blessington and in particular her son Albert.
    Ann Eliza Morgan McGaughey and descendents
    Ella Mae Reed Fahling obituary
    Mary (Matthews) (Powell) Hamilton
    Selina (Earnest) Tucker
    James Leander ``Jimmie'' Matthews
    Joella Matthews Houghton
    Ella L. McCartney Townsley family.
    Milo Shipman family.
    William Franklin Black and children.
    Daniel D. Gilchrist family
    Harriett Caroline Morgan Skinner family
    William H. Morgan family
    Lydia Jane Morgan Skinner family
    Oscar T. Morgan
    Bert Morrison
    Gladys Morrison Bayless
    William Watt
    Joseph Watt and his children Milton Watt Margaret Watt Pence Hezekiah Watt Levi A. Watt
    Alexander Watt
    Lora Morgan Bentley Rigney
    Luella Deputy Williamson

    Jan 2005 updates

    John Brady Watt
    James Alexander Watt
    Milton Henry Watt
    Elizabeth Maria Watt and husband Dr. Albert HAWLEY and family
    Richard T. Scott
    Loretta Agnes Lawler O'Leary (obit)
    Lew Kerrigan family (obits for children James and Anna)
    William V. Lawler
    Mildred (Torpey) Leonard
    Children of Inez Bertha Scott

    2004 and on-going updates

    2003 updates

    2002 updates

    Previous update, March 2002

    Previous update, June 2001

    Correction, April 2001:

    New information about the photo of my gg-grandfather George Farrell and his wife Follow the George Farrell link to see the photos and read more. Also, the identity of a photo formerly identified as Catherine Lawler Farrell is now called into doubt.

    Check back occasionally to see any progress I make in resolving these issues.

    Previous update, Nov 2000

    I rearranged how all the articles (obits, etc.) and photos are stored and accessed. The new organization makes for easier browsing through them. If you used to have a direct bookmark or link to some photo or obituary, it probably won't work, now. The article index and photo index have been updated There are several new articles and photos.

    I have updated the Iowa burial index. It has grown a lot during the year 2000. I also added a similar list of relatives buried in Indiana cemeteries, by cemetery

    Gilchrist Family

    A lot more info about Andrew Rome Phillip.

    A little more info about John H. Gilchrist.

    Even more updates for Ellen Gilchrist Hawkins.

    Morgan Family (Scott & Vigo Co's, IN, Bourbon Co., KY, Iowa)

    Many additions all over the family, in particular, additional info about:

    Other Morgan Family

    New information on the family of William F. Morgan.

    Lucey Family

    The end of a generation?

    Alice (Greenwood) Lucey died earlier this year at age 101. She was married to a grandson of my ggg-grandfather, Jeremiah Lucey. As far as I know, she was the last living member (by marriage) of that 3rd generation of Luceys.

    I also straighted out the family of Bridget Ellen Lucey Lovejoy and added more info.

    Several new bits of information about the Davenport-area Donegans, including the families of Patrick , James, Mary and Maurice.

    Lawlor Family

    Shannon and Farrell Families

    Some middle names filled in for the Kenney family.
    New info for Cyril Showalter.

    Morrison Family

    Death and Burial infor for Robert and Samuel Donnan.
    Still more information about children of David Morrison.

    Matthews Family

    New info on the families of: Misc. updates:

    Previous update, February 2000

    On my grandmother's side, there are numerous updates from cemetery records. I have updated the burial index.

    Morrison Family

    The final major piece of the Morrison family is now complete! We now know what became of Ellen Morrison. She married Alexander Gibson in Rock Island Co., Illinois, lived in Keokuk Co., Iowa for a time, and then settled in McPherson Co., Nebraska.

    Also, more information about David Morrison, who is apparently buried in Johnson Cemetery of Keokuk Co.

    A photo of Omer Morrison.

    Farrell Family

    Shannon & Lucey Family

    Lawler Family

    I thought I had found Ann Lawler Blessington's son Albert buried at Assumption in Charlotte, but it turns out to be a different Bert. But I did find Ann's husband's name.
    Numerous updates from cemetery records for Daniel Lawler, Michael Lawler, and many others.

    Reed Family

    Numerous updates on the family of Richard Reed , especially his daughters Katy and Anna.

    Morgan and Ballard Family

    Some new land records for David and Thomas Morgan and John Ballard.
    More information on the Pierson family.
    Several details on the Reece Jones Morgan line, including filling in more of the family of Cassius H. Morgan.
    Several additions and corrections to the Morgan-Reveal descendents.
    Fixed birth and death dates for Thomas C. Carmichael
    A lot more information about Beda Ballard Miller and her descendents.
    More information about Bentley Ballard and some descendents.

    Gilchrist Family

    Margaret Rome had a child prior to marrying John Gilchrist. The son was John Dirom .

    I have some dates filled in for John H. Gilchrist.

    Some updates for Ellen Dawson Gilchrist.

    Matthews Family

    New information about Rans Bird Green and descendents.

    Better info on Myrtle Elma Skiles .

    Morgan Family

    I filled in many more of the descendents (mainly grandchildren and great-grandchildren) of Thomas Morgan.

    Previous update: (June 1999)

    Scott Family

    A new long sought ancestor! Thanks to the research of Jessie Heinzmann, we now can now trace our Scott family back one more generation. Alexander Scott who died about 1751 in Augusta Co., Virginia, was the former dead end for many researchers for many, many years. Jessie uncovered his parents in New Jersey. His father, another Alexander Scott, came to New Jersey in 1684 as the indentured servant of John Campbell.

    A lot of updates owing to information from the Disciples of Christ historical society: Several of writings of Elisha Scott, and a few more minor mentions allowing updates of TQ Matthews, John Scott, Alexander Scott (including new obits for Alexander Scott and Unity Watt). I untangled some confusion between John Scott and his uncle John Scott. And I moved some comments previously with Alexander Scott, Sr. which now properly go with his son Alexander, Jr.

    The Disciples historical info also allowed some updates of other family members, such as Inez, Lois, and Emma Scott and Clara Morgan Wilkinson . Also, additional info on the family of Anna (Watt) McClure, including an obit. for her daughter Agnes McClure.

    Matthews Family

    Additional descendents of Lucy (Matthews) Cooper , and wills of James Cooper and Joel Matthews Cooper. Also some interesting writings of George Matthews Cooper.

    Morgan family updates for Adonijah Morgan, Jr.. and Betsy Matthews, John Blair Morgan, Jr..

    Matthews family updates for Perlina Matthews Hatton mostly taken from pretty confused LDS AF data.

    Some children of Lucinda Matthews Slaughter thanks to a census entry found.

    Updated info for Bertha Sprague and her daughter Vera.

    David Morgan Family

    There's a lot of new material for my Morgan ancestors who are headed by David Morgan. Besides info about David himself, there are additional descendents on several lines. In particular, I've found more information on his daughter Catherine Morgan Reveal. There are updated descendents of David's son David Morgan, in particular, the family of his son Rees Morgan and granddaughter Mary Ann Morgan Elliott I also have more info on descendents of Lucretia (Morgan) Morris.

    Some small updates on Henry Clay Pierson.


    Updated information and an obituary for John G. Showalter, husband of Elizabeth Farrell, and updated information on their children.

    Also, updates on the family of Mary Farrell Showalter and Mary Donegan Showalter

    Updated info for William J. Shannon.

    Miscellaneous Ballard family updates, particularly for Beda Ballard Miller, Bethsheba Ballard Potts, Chloe Ballard Alexander, John Ballard, Jr., Loving Ballard, and Rebecca Ballard Rodman. Mostly, I filled in one or two generations that I have information about.

    New Features

    A new feature: a burial index listing cemeteries for all the relatives who I know are buried in Iowa. (If you're planning on going cemetery exploring, you might find this particulary handy.)

    Another new feature: a index of photos
    Lots of new photos, including:

    Previous update: (December 9, 1998)
    A new feature: an article index (obits, bios, ...).

    I've filled in a lot of information on the branch of the Farrell family about whom I formerly knew about the least --- the family of Maria Jane Farrell. I've added lots of biographical details, obituaries and news articles, and photos.

    In particular, I was very excited to receive a photo of Catherine Lawler Farrell, second wife of George Farrell, and my gg-grandmother.

    New Ballard Ancestors
    I have recently learned of 6 new ancestors of my mother in the Ballard line. Turns out Reuben Ballard's wife Absilla was also a Ballard and her ancestors have been traced back three generations.
    Matthews Family
    I've added a lot of new information about the Permelia Matthews Shipman family. We've found several news articles and photos and additional details. I think there are some minor updates to her father TQ Matthews also.

    There is much new info about Ella McCartney.
    Lots of new photos of the Nancy Jane (Matthews) Morgan family.
    There is some new info about Cooper Descendents of the Matthews family.


    Updates on James Weathers Pierson.

    New info on Wm. Watt's son-in-law Daniel McCoy .

    Lots of new information on Amaziah Morgan and the family and descendents of his daughter Tabitha Minerva Morgan Smelser

    More information about the family of Crystal David William Scott

    Expanded information on the Reed family, in particular, Anna Reed Beitenman. Dennis J. Nicklaus dnicklaus(at)yahoo(dot)com (change the "(at)" to "@" and "(dot)" to ".")

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