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Hey all, and Welcome to my newly updated page! After about 9 or so months and one big transition to the Ohio State University Im ready to roll out an update! Horray!=) If anyone wants to give me any suggestions or comments for my site, just drop me a line and Ill see what i can do.  Dance, Sing and Rejoice! (or click on a link=)


To view this page at its best, please download and install these 2 fonts for your viewing pleasure, or not. "Morphius and Footlight MT".  If you dont have a clue how to install a font. dont even try!

I made this site today! ( X / XXI / MMI ) (The Joys of a Fallen Empire!) Please, Please dont take my stuff. I stole it all first *cough cough* imean i made it first! Yea! ...So please...dont take it! Adiu!

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Above are two pictures my my favorite artist, Michael Whelan. You can visit his official website here. I think he is an awesome artist. I just wish his posters and painting were easier to purchase.

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