Hello, I guess we should start by telling you a little about ourselves. My name is Sherry. My husband, Tim, and I are a couple of computer nerds (he says I'm worse than him - but I know it is the other way around). We live in a little town, Dell Rapids. In the state of South Dakota. We have 3 grown children and are currently trying to get use to the "empty nest". We both work for a large computer manufacturer in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. In our leisure time we usually spend working on or in computers. Tim is also into photography. I design web sites.
We have 10 grandchildren and we enjoy being Grandma and Grandpa. We do  move away from our computers to take time with the grandkids.  There is nothing as wonderful as being a grandparent.
Everyone has their own page so don't hesitate to visit us. We also have guest books here and there so you can let us know you were here. Take your time I have been building on this site for a long time and there are a lot of interesting pages. Some may be slow to load, so please be patient.
Oh yeah and about the weird last name - well I got it by saying "I do" but Tim is quite proud of it. The name Breitkreutz is German for "Bright Cross" or "Broad Cross", depending upon the dialect. We pronounce it like Brite Krites. This is where we got the nickname of Bright Lights and also where I developed the name for my Desktop Publishing Business - Brite Lites Design.

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