Have Handcuffs-Will Travel / Search Consultant
I have 20 years in the Bail Enforcement Business.My partner Charles Wood has over 9 years. Let us do all your background,Criminal,and Tenant Checks for you and your company.For  our fees on all searches please email us. We will send you a copy of all our searches.
Due Dilligence Checks such as, background,Locate anyone,Pre-Employment,Skip Tracing,Criminal Records,National wants and warrants,DMV checks,Vital Checks,Bankruptcy,I also do Bail Investigator work for bailbond agencies for Bail jumpers.Any bailbondsman in Tennessee, ALABAMA,Kentucky OR Georgia, let us bring back your jumpers,Any bailbond accepted. I can dig up all the information you need on anyone. You can  contact me at 423-400-1436, You can reach Charles at 205-553-0974.You can contact me VIA e-mail at grandpa172001@yahoo.com.or Charles at Mrchuckster2u@aol.com or you can fax us at 706-621-4110
Our most informative check is the Background Check which may provide to you the client the following---Persons Full Name,SSNumber,Date of Birth,Aliases,Property they own,Professional License they may hold,Drivers license they have,and a civil records check,workers comp. claims and etc.
Contact Lloyd Munroe, or Charles Wood Have Handcuffs-Will Travel today.  Remember---They can run but they can't hide. I have never failed to bring back a jumper alive. I have been nominated for the International Registry of Who's Who and now also for the Contemporary Who's Who of published by the American Biographical Institute. This book also will be in the Library of Congress after published. The Who's Who as the international Register of Who's Who is made up of outstanding business and the men who run the business for great achievements in their field. My field being that of Bail Enforcement Agent. I would like to thank whoever nominated me for this award. for all background checks needed send Check or money Order for the right amount to me at 168 Mason Lane, Rossville,GA. 30741
For a complete list of all the checks I can do send self addressed stamped envelope to me at the above address.After your check clears,I will run the check for you.
We are also in the Business Consulting. We will consult with you about what type business you want to invest in here in the States. Then for a percentage we will investigate that type business for you and advise you.We charge 30% for our services. We can help you with your money transfers.

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