Grandpa and Me

My grandpa is named Grandpa Dallas. I think it is funny that they named a town in Texas after him. It is a good name though, so maybe that's why they decided to do that. He is a lot of fun. When I go to his house he always lets me help him do things and he always has time to play with me. One of my favorite things to do is to drive his tractor. He thinks I am big enough to do it by myself now and it is so much fun.

Last summer for my Grandpa's birthday I gave him a super-soaker. I got his exactly like the one that I have. We had so much fun getting each other wet. Once when he let me drive his tractor he hid when I went around the house. Just as I was coming back up front he jumped out and soaked me. It was so funny and we laughed and laughed.

One of my grandpa's favorite things is Snoopy. Oh and Woodstock too! We always give each other things with Snoopy and Woodstock on them. It is a fun thing we do.

Please come back and see my grandpa and me anytime you want. We are always having lots of fun!!

Grandpa and Me on the tractor

Drew driving the tractor