Grand Theft Auto III Cheats, Walkthroughs, and Gameshark Codes

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Grand Theft Auto 3 Gameshark codes

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Grand Theft Auto 3 Walkhtrough

All weapons:
Press R2(2), L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry. Repeat this code for more ammunition.

To get unlimited ammunition, enable the "All weapons" code continuously until whatever you want is at 9999 shots. The next time your clip runs out, it will reload automatically but the magazine (9999) will stay the same.

Full health:
Press R2(2), L1, R1, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry. Note: If this code is enabled during a mission where there is damage on your car, the meter will be reset to zero.

If your vehicle is on fire, enable the "Full health" code to extinguish it.

Full armor:
Press R2(2), L1, L2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry.

More money:
Press R2(2), L1, L1, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry.

Tank (Rhino):
Press Circle(6), R1, L2, L1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry. The tank will appear in front of you. This may be repeated as many times as needed.

Flying car:
Press Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1 during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry. Accelerate and press Up to fly.

No wanted level:
Press R2(2), L1, R2, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry. Note: Saving the game will make the effects of this code permanent.

Higher wanted level:
Press R2(2), L1, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry. Note: Saving the game will make the effects of this code permanent.

Destroy all cars:
Press L2, R2, L1, R1, L2, R2, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, L2, L1. A message will confirm correct code entry.

Better driving skills:
Press R1, L1, R2, L1, Left, R1(2), Triangle during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry. Press L3 or R3 to jump while driving. Note: Saving the game will make it so your car will never tip. Also every car will have hydraulics which will enable it jump 15 feet in the air over other cars.

Increased gore:
Press Square, L1, Circle, Down, L1, R1, Triangle, Right, L1, X during game play. No confirmation message will appear. You can shoot off pedestrians' arms, legs, and heads with some weapons (sniper rifle, assault rifle, explosives) with an increase in the overall amount of bloodleft behind. Note: Saving the game will make the effects of this code permanent.

Press L1, L2, R1, R2(2), R1, L2, X during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry.

Overcast skies:
Press L1, L2, R1, R2(2), R1, L2, Square during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry.

Press L1, L2, R1, R2(2), R1, L2, Circle during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry.

Normal weather:
Press L1, L2, R1, R2(2), R1, L2, Triangle during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry.

Invisible cars:
Press L1(2), Square, R2, Triangle, L1, Triangle during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry. Only your vehicle's wheels will be visible.

Faster game play:
Press Triangle, Up, Right, Down, Square, R1, R2 during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry. Note: This also continues the effect of an adrenaline pill.

Slower game play:
Press Triangle, Up, Right, Down, Square, L1, L2 during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry. Repeat this code to increase its effect.

Speed up time:
Press Circle(3), Square(5), L1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry. Repeat this code to increase its effect.

Different costume:
Press Right, Down, Left, Up, L1, L2, Up, Left, Down, Right during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry.

Pedestrians riot:
Press Down, Up, Left, Up, X, R1, R2, L2, L1 during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry. Note: Saving the game will make the effects of this code permanent.

Pedestrians attack:
Press Down, Up, Left, Up, X, R1, R2, L1, L2 during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry. Note: Saving the game will make the effects of this code permanent.

All pedestrians have weapons:
Press R2, R1, Triangle, X, L2, L1, Up, Down during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry. Some pedestrians will throw bombs or shoot at you if you steal their car. Note: Saving the game will make the effects of this code permanent.

Advice: Programmer message:
Go to the parking lot where you had to take out the men with bombs on their chests. Use the Dodo or a pile of cars to get on the other side of the wall that surrounds the area. Once in there, look for a poster with the secret message.

Advice: Flying Dodo car:
Take the Dodo to the very end of the runway. Turn it around so its facing away from the edge. Hold X to build up momentum, while holding Up. Once you get enough speed, quickly hold Down. Once airborne, use normal controls to level out the car. Note: The small wings make extended flight extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Advice: Items:
The following items are always available at your safe house, and regenerate. The numbers indicated the number of hidden packages needed for that item.

10: Pistol
20: Uzi
30: Grenades
40: Shotgun
50: Armor
60: Molotov cocktail
70: AK47
80: Sniper Rifle
90: M16 or Flamethrower
100: Rocket Launcher.

Advice: Unlimited Flamethrowers:
Put out twenty fires on each of the three islands (about sixty total) to get unlimited Flamethrowers at your hideout. Note This does not have to be done all at once.

Advice Unlimited Health icons:
Save fifty people on paramedic missions to get unlimited health icons at your hideout. Note This does not have to be done at once.

Advice: Unlimited Adrenaline Pills:
Save fifty people on paramedic missions to get unlimited Adrenaline Pills at your hideout. Note This does not have to be done at once.

Advice: Police bribes:
Complete about twenty vigilante missions in each district to obtain a total of six cop bribes at your hideout.

Get seven kills in a row in vigilante mode to unlock a police bribe that is available at your hideout.

Advice: Easy "infinite" run:
To continue to run at a fast pace without fatigue, just tap X instead of holding it down. This helps when trying to give your character "exercise" so that he can run for longer periods of time as well.

To get so your character never stops running at full speed, complete all twelve paramedic missions. These missions must be done consecutively with the same vehicle for that effect.

To easily complete the twelve paramedic missions, go to Staunton Island (as its a less complicated area than Shoreside Vale, and has less gangs that shoot cars than in Portland). At the hospital, enable the "Tank" code about a dozen times and park them around the car park so that they are out of the way. The PlayStation2's memory is used up by the tanks, and there are will be no cars to collide with on the streets. Getting the twelve missions with the same ambulance should not be a problem. After this has been completed, enable the "Destroy all cars" code to return the game to normal.

Advice: Easy money:
Look out for ramps and high slopes. If you drive up them fast enough, you can jump certain obstacles such as buildings and truck trailers. If successful, you can get a "Insane Bonus" message, resulting in a lot of money.

When riding around in Island 2, look for a women dressed as a sprinter/jogger. Get out, then attack and kill her. After doing so, collect the thousands of dollars she leaves on the floor. Note: Be careful, you might alert the cops.

After you complete the check list of cars for the Portland Docks garage, you can take the Surcuricar and drive it into the garage around the corner. After the second garage opens, drive in, exit the car, and you will receive a varying amount of money. The garage is the same one as in the Van Heist mission.

Find the old gangster walking around with a red rag --he slumps over. Kill him to get thousands of dollars,

Enable the "Pedestrians Riot" code then kill yourself (falling into water works best). When you appear at the hospital, two or three old men will run over to you in order. Kill them in the order that they appeared. After the last one is killed, $10,000 will appear around the second one.

Go to the harbor in Portland, near where you can board the ship. A lot of people will come by, which you can kill for money. No felony comes back there, so you will never get captured.

Enable the "Change costume" code until you look like a gang member. You can now beat them up and take their money without resistance. This does not work if you try it with cops.

Finish your work for Lugi, then work for Joey until you complete the "Farewell Chunky Lee Chong" mission. Then, go back to the alley where you enter Luigi's. Turn around and take the street on the right. Go up the street until you see an alley with a Perennial parked in it (on the right side of street). Go into the alley and wait for two people to start a fight. When one of them starts to run, kill him. He will have $20,000.

Enable the "Tank" code. Each time you blow up or run over a car, you will receive a certain amount of money.

Get two tanks. Get in one and push the other one and the money will just keep rolling in.

Every time you steal a taxi, you will get $25 and a new car.

Once you find an armored truck, take it to the import and export garage to get extra money.

Get any car and stalk another one on the road. When you are ready, floor it and hit the other car in the rear. You will get money and when your car catches fire, bail. When it explodes you will receive a substantial amount of money.

Enable the "Destroy all cars" code near a person and he will die. Then, go to his or her body and get the money.

Advice: Easy ammunition:
Note: This trick only works for guns found in your hideout. Take all the guns, then walk into the very back of your garage. Hit the wall, then leave the garage again. All your guns, and anything else that appears there, will be there again. Repeat this until you have enough ammunition for your guns.

Advice: Turning better:
To turn better, press R1 instead of Square.

Advice: Easy peelout:
Drive very fast in an open space with no cars. Keep going until you get to maximum speed then quickly hold Triangle and turn your car 360 degrees. Release Triangle and if done correctly, you should have done a peelout. Note: You can use this method to get away from cops.

Advice: Shoreside Vale: Get an Ice Cream Truck:
Drive around the Cartel Mansion (near your hideout/dam). Drive to the back of the mansion and wait near the gray areas of the mountains or on top of the hill. You will soon hear the familiar Ice Cream Truck song from Grand Theft Auto 2. If you are fast enough, you will see the Ice Cream Truck drive by. A fast car is recommended to chase after the truck -- once it disappears from the screen you will not be able to see it again until another game cycle/day. The Ice Cream Truck appears at random times.

Get a police car and press L3 to switch to vigilante mode. After a few suspects, you will generally encounter one in an Ice Cream Truck. Hit him a couple times or trap him so he exits. You can run him over and kill him for some quick money, then get out of the police cruiser and into the Ice Cream Truck. You can then hold L3 to play your music, even if the cops have you in a high-speed pursuit. Note: If you drive slowly along the streets with the music going, people will lean over to buy some ice cream.

Cruise the street between the Porter tunnel entrance (under your hideout) and the Cochrane Dam (it will be on one road). Drive back and forth. If you hear a ice cream truck song, follow it to see the truck, which appears once a day. You can also steal a fire truck, police car, Enforcer or FBI car then click R3 and do the vigilante missions until the ice cream truck is found.

Advice: Shoreside Vale: Secret boat:
At the airport, go to the runway that veers to the right. Get to the end, then jump down on to the ledge to your left. Look in the water to find a speeder.

Advice: Shoreside Vale: Two speed boats:
To get two speed boats, go to the airport and get in the Dodo Cessna plane. Drive on the runway but do not take off. When at the end of the runway, disembark the plane and run to the speed boat that you can see. Get in and drive around for a few seconds. Drive back and you will see a new speed boat. Note: You must drive the Dodo to get the speed boat.

Advice: Shoreside Vale: Flying Dodo:
Go past the Cartel Mansion and close to the observatory. You will see an airplane similar to the one in Donald Love's mission. Unfortunately, you cannot shoot it down because it is too high for missiles.

Advice: Shoreside Vale: Reenter Cartel mansion: :
After completing the last storyline mission (rescuing Maria), the Cartel mansion will be closed again. You can access it, however, if you are in a Cartel Cruiser (large ugly chromed trucks). There is armor in the garage and a package in the pool out in back.

Advice: Shoreside Vale: Hidden packages:
Out on the tarmac at Frances International Airport, near the police helipad, is a parked police car. This is useful if you are found car-less after crashing the Dodo or in a similar predicament. There is also a hidden package on the helipad. There are also vans scattered about, and one is in the terminal area. If you drive around the terminal (the big, spider-like building) you will find a hidden package.

Go to the front of the Cartel hideout in the day and face the opposite direction as the guard is standing. Go forward, and you should see a house on your left. Enter that yard and check the front porch. There should be a hidden package located there or in the backyard. Be careful not to fall in the pool. After getting the hidden packages, check in front of that house's garage for a car you can steal.

Advice: Shoreside Vale: Hummer checkpoint mission:
There is a small dirt park at the edge of the island on the residential side. You can, if you feel lucky, drive off the road going past the mansions and land there. Or, you can drive the switchbacks down, take a left to go towards the water (you should be descending), take a left, then take a right onto the dirt road at the bluff. Follow it to a Humvee that has another checkpoint mission. Note: the Hummer can climb near-vertical walls, just switchback your way up, going right, then left, and so on.

Advice: Shoreside Vale: Import/Export:
Leave Cochrane Dam (the dam itself) going towards the industrial side. Immediately after leaving the dirt road, there should be an opening in a wall. Enter it, get out, and walk up to a whitish area on the wall. This is a list of cars to steal. Swipe them, return them to the garage door next to the list, and once all are collected you will be able to walk into the garage and pick whichever one you want.

Advice: Shoreside Vale: Purchasing the Flamethrower:
Go to the industrial side, then climb the hills until you are past the police station, towards the dam. There should be an opening in the wall, with a jump facing you. Go up to the jump, and turn right. Do not jump. There should be a corridor of crates and objects. Accelerate down it, and jump off the jump located there. Your car will land in a group of storage garages. There is health (free), armor (free), and Molotov Cocktails ($5,000) and the Flamethrower ($25,000) scattered about. If your car is not totaled, there is a road hidden behind the end garage on the Molotov side that leads up to the police station; or you can just make the small jump off the trailer.

Advice: Shoreside Vale: Cars driving off bridge:
When part of the bridge rises, tap a car with your car. Most of the time they will casually drive off the bridge. This also happens if you shoot the cars.

Advice: Shoreside Vale: Rainbow:
Go to Cochrane Dam just after it has been raining and the sun is coming out to see a rainbow.

Advice: Shoreside Vale: Cone for a hat:
Go to the subway entrance at Frances International Airport and look up at the statue in the water.

Advice: Shoreside Vale: Hidden city:
Enable the "Tank" and "Dodo City" codes. Fire the tank turret backwards continuously until you fly. Fly high enough to escape the boundaries in the game. Fly high over the closed tunnel near the dam and the observatory. Then, look for a tiny levitating town. Note: Some games freeze up at this point.

Advice: Shoreside Vale: Stupid cops:
This trick must be done before the Cartel Ship mission. Get yourself to a wanted level then travel to the Cartel barge. If the cops are chasing you, they will park their car near the corner of the sniper building (with stairs). As they run, they will shoot at you. They will run off the bulkhead, waving their hands in the air while falling.

Advice: Shoreside Vale: Posters:
Go to the airport. Once there, go to the gate that you have to break through. Stop and look at the booth directly next to the gate. There will be four posters hanging inside the window. One shows a woman in a black dress that says she always liked to be taken up dark alleys. The next one features a woman in a white bikini with a caption of fun bags at the bottom. The other two are the same as seen on billboards. Use the Sniper Rifle to zoom in and get a better look. The other booth near the parking lot in the airport also has these posters.

Advice: Staunton Island: Get to Shoreside Vale early:
Obtain a Cheetah in Staunton Island. Then, go to the bridge that connects Stanton Island and Shoreside Vale. There will be a cement rail which separates the two highway sides. Get up on that rail in the middle of the bridge. Enable the "Flying car" code, then drive slowly about one quarter way down the middle rail. Stop, position yourself straight, and floor it off the end of the bridge. Once in the air, turn slightly to the right or left to land on the road (and not the middle rail).

Enable the "Better driving skills" and "Flying car" codes. Get an ambulance then go to the bridge to Staunton Island. Go up to the straight part, then hit the gas. Go straight off the edge and when you get about two thirds of the way across, hold Up (or Left Analog-stick Down). If done correctly, you will go up and over the other side of the bridge.

Note: If you do the Dodo car trick to get to Staunton Island, you can just take the tunnel to Shoreside Vale instead of flying it again.

Get a boat from the dock at Staunton Island. Enable the "Better driving skills" code and drive the boat to the pipeline. Press L3 or R3 and the boat will jump over the pipe.

Enable the "Better driving skills" code at Staunton Island. Go to the hospital in a car. Jump on to the roof, then jump over the hidden package. Turn right and keep going straight. You will hit a wall and go through it. You will end up in the tunnel that leads to Shoreside Vale.

Enable the "Better driving skills" code, then start off from the entrance to the hospital. Walk up the stairs, then steal a nearby car (faster cars recommended). Then, speed up to the nearest corner, and quickly turn around. You should now be riding back towards the hospital. Press L3 to jump across the gap onto the lower roof of the hospital. Then, drive into the blue glass building. Your car should pass into it, then fall. Your car should fall through the mapping, then land in a tunnel. Drive left in the tunnel. Do not turn, and keep going straight. You should come out in Shoreside Vale.

Get a small car, such as the Banshee or a Kuruma. Drive into any subway and out onto the tracks,. Just drive until you get to Shoreside Vale. Note: You will not be able to do any of the missions yet.

Go to the subway (number 13 on the Staunton Island section of your map), then jump onto the train. You must watch out for passengers at the station. If there are none there, do not get off or you may be waiting for quite awhile for the next train. You will know that you are in Shoreside Vale when you see lots of people walking into you.

Steal a boat and take it to the north-east until reaching the "wall" in the water. Find a location that is not steep on the coast. Drive the boat onto the road. Steal a U-Haul type truck and push the boat on the land until you are past the wall. Then, push it back into the water, get in it, and you can now use the boat to get to Shoreside Vale. Note: You cannot get onto land anywhere except at the airport.

Advice: Staunton Island: Secret race-type mission:
Go to the Super Saver Grocery Store in Newport. Enter the Stallion in the parking lot to get the secret race-type Multistory Mayhem mission, where you must go through check points.

Get a Stallion and go to your hideout. Turn around so that you are pulling out of it. Take a left to the stop light. Then take a right at the stop light. You will be making like a U-turn. Go straight until you see the white parking garage to your left. Park the Stallion in front of the garage and get out. Get back in the car to get the Multistory Mayhem mission. You will have five minutes to collect twenty checkpoints, with four on each level.

Advice: Staunton Island: Yardie Lobo car:
Drive around your garage (around the block or elsewhere), and find a red car with a white top and panther colored seats. This is a gang car, called the Yardie Lobo. Once you find it, press R3 and move the Analog-stick Up, Down, Left, Right, or diagonally to move it. Press L3 to make the car push up and remain that way.

Press the L3 continuously to jump with your hydraulics.

Advice: Staunton Island: Easy Cheetah or Infernus:
When you load and leave your hideout, quickly run to the stoplight on your left. As you are running you will see a Cheetah (most of the time) or Infernus stopping at the light. Get there quickly before the light turns green.

Advice: Staunton Island: Easy kills and totaled cars:
There is a street with buildings across from each other which are lined in glass. Load up on guns (or enable the "All weapons" code) and go on the second floor of either of these buildings. Keep killing people to raise your wanted level. Then, as police cars arrive, you can either roll a grenade off the edge and blow them up, or enable the "Destroy all cars" code. If you stay away from the edge, you will not get hurt. Sometimes you do not even need to do any work -- when your wanted level is 5, the FBI cars will come zooming up and often times tip themselves over explode. Helicopters also cannot shoot you, so you can also destroy them easily.

Advice: Staunton Island: Molotov Cocktails:
Kill yourself or go to the hospital. From the stairs, continue to go straight until you see another pair of stairs. Go to the left and you will find some Molotov Cocktails.

Advice: Staunton Island: Park checkpoint mission:
In the park is a Landstalker parked near the lake, next to a house. Enter it, and you should have a fun checkpoint mission in the park.

Advice: Staunton Island: Enter stadium:
If you have access to Shoreside Vale, go to the airport and get the Dodo. Fly above the stadium and pull back. Get out to enter the stadium.

Advice: Staunton Island: Hidden stadium message:
Use the Tank with the "Flying car" code enabled, or just use the Dodo plane to fly past the stadium in Staunton Island. Look inside the stadium and you will see "COCKS" in large white letters.

Advice: Staunton Island: Stuck on bridge:
Park on the seam where the drawbridge to Shoreside lifts up (just past the last light pole). The bridge will open, and your car may fall down. You should land on the pilings and infrastructure of the bridge. From here you can snipe pedestrians (remember to lead slightly), or shoot down police helicopters. You cannot escape from this location.

Advice: Staunton Island: Hidden package:
There is a hidden package on the hospital roof on Stauton Island. The package is on the corner of the building directly across from the stairs. To get the package, park an ambulance parallel, right next to the building where the package is located. Then, park any "van" perpendicular to the ambulance. Then, park any "car" next to the van. Finally, just jump onto each vehicle to get to the roof. The hospital parking lot contains plenty of vehicles to choose from.

Advice: Staunton Island: Best hideout:
Go to the other half of Staunton Island, where the casino is located. Look for a tall building with the letters "AM" on it. Walk up the steps and around the railing. Follow the railing and it will lead to a set of steps, which lead to two more sets of steps. Cops will not follow you in and it has a perfect sniper spots.

Advice: Staunton Island: Grand Theft Auto 2 pictures:
Go to Staunton Island and find between the two big parallel streets the "tw@" place between big windows. If you have trouble finding this area, start from one end of the street and drive down until you find it -- there should be signs in the room that say "tw@". There should be a lot of computers in there, and some of them will have pictures from Grand Theft Auto 2.

Advice: Staunton Island: Scrolling messages:
In the downtown area are scrolling messages that promote the movies from the billboards, music albums, etc.

Advice: Staunton Island: Pervert:
On Staunton Island, go to Liberty Campus. Find the man with a large black coat that is holding a pad of paper. Kill him with any gun (sniper rifle recommended). When he is lying on the ground, use the sniper rifle to zoom in on the pad of paper he is holding. You should see that he drew a picture of male genitalia urinating.

Got to the stadium in Staunton Island. Go up the stairs to the gate. Press R3 to look at the bleachers in first person view.

Advice: Portland: Get to Staunton Island early:
Use the following trick to get to Staunton Island before the bridge is fixed and before the subway is open. Go to the bridge to Staunton Island. Go past where the blockage cones are located, to basically be on the bridge. Enable the "Flying car" code, then the "Tank" code. Make sure you are all the way back to get enough room to take off using the tank (as a plane). Start firing the cannon backwards and accelerate. Keep firing the cannon backwards, and just as you get to the edge where the bridge has been broken, you will take off. Try and get back on the ground. If done correctly you will now be on Staunton Island. Note: When you cross the bridge, the "Welcome To Staunton Island" screen will appear to confirm success. Note: You can use nearly any car, but the tank has a better ability to fly higher.

Steal an Ambulance from Sweeney Hospital. Go to the bridge and enable the "Better driving skills" code. Drive your ambulance on the road towards the bridge and press L3 just before the road starts to dip down. If done correctly, you should make it across, but your ambulance will probably tip over and explode. Make sure you are out of the way, then run into Staunton Island.

Note: When on Staunton Island you can not do any missions. When you die, you will be transported back to the hospital in Portland.

You can fly over to Staunton Island by enabling the "Tank" and "Flying car" codes after dropping off 8 Ball. However, only activate the "Tank" code when you have walked onto the broken bridge. You cannot save the game over in Staunton Island, and if you die or get arrested you will be transported back to Portland.

Advice: Portland: Fastest car:
In Portland, go to the Capital Autos shop. Take a big car and ram it into the glass on the store to break it. Inside a Banshee, which is the fastest car in the game and resembles a Shelby.

Advice: Portland: Faster taxi:
Complete 100 taxi missions, (drop off 100 people), and a Red Faster Cabbie will be unlocked at the taxi building in Portland (near the tunnel entrance). Note: Drop off 100 people total, not at one time.

Advice: Portland: BF Injector:
Complete the Mafia missions in story mode to unlock the BF Injector buggy. Return to Portland and go to the Diablo parking lot (where the mission phone is located) between 19:00to 24:00 to find the same buggy glimpsed in Joey's garage from the Mafia mission. It will appear in the same location and change color each time.

Advice: Portland: Easy FBI car or Rhino (tank):
Go to the railroad and you will notice only one of the two are actually used. Go to the other side from the loading platforms that are not used. You can sit on the edge of the railroad and kill people. Because of the railroad under you, they will not be able to shoot you (except for the occasional helicopter, which you will have to shoot down). You will be able to kill the FBI agents. When they get out, quickly jump in and drive to your save point.

Advice: Portland: Easy FBI car:
Use the following trick to get an FBI car easily when you are trying to get all the law enforcement cars on the ship. Go to your hideout in Portland and stay just inside of the entrance to the street. Take out your weapons and start shooting cars that pass you by Rockets work very well. When you get your warning level to five stars, the FBI cars will come after you. They will be so out of control that they will crash into the wall in front of you. Run to the back of your hideout by the garage, then run back up to the FBI car. Get in and drive it the few feet to your garage and save the game. Then, load the game to get rid of all the cops and take it to the harbor.

Advice: Portland: Easy police cars:
During the night at the police station, one of the two police cars is unlocked most of the time. Get in it and steal it. You can get a wanted level if a cop sees you taking it.

Advice: Portland: Rare cars for Import/Export Garage:
Rare cars can be found at various times throughout the day (seems random) along the closest four lane road that passes the stadium on the north side of Staunton Island. Drive back and forth along this stretch of road from the bridge to underneath the Shoreside Vale Bridge (that raises and lowers). You should be able to find all the hard to find vehicles such as the Securicar, Bus, Coach, and Trashmaster. Mr. Whoopee (Ice Cream Truck) and Trashmaster can be obtainedby doing police or fire missions.

Advice: Portland: Ice Cream Truck:
Go to Portland and do the "I Scream, You Scream" mission (after the Turismo mission) by El Burro. Pick up the briefcase, then go towards the dot. When you get there, hijack the Ice Cream Truck, drive it to Staunton Island, and park it in your garage. It will not fit in the Portland garage. Blow up the truck. You should fail the mission. Open, then close the garage and the Ice Cream Truck is all yours.

Advice: Portland: Get away with murder:
Start in your hideout, get the bat, and steal a car. Go on the walkway and drive up to the steps near China Town. You can kill as many people as desired and get easy money. Watch out for the cops and triads. Do not use a gun to kill a triad member, or your wanted level will go up. If this happens and it is only one star, and go on the tracks until your wanted level goes back down.

Advice: Portland: Hidden package:
Take the pill that is in the Portland docks, hidden between two mobile homes. Then, run towards the ships until you find the building with the stairs. Run up the stairs to get on top of the roof. Across from you on the roof is a package. Run as fast as you can and jump just before you fall off the end. You should make it if the pill has not worn off yet.

Advice: Portland: Hidden missions:
There is a place on your map the do not show where you can accept a mission. Go to where The J (Joey's) was located. Go directly north from there until reaching the next building (which is very close) . There should be a phone there. Answer it if it is ringing to get the mission for someone named Morty.

Go to the Bitchin' Dog Food building during the day. The phone outside will ring and you can receive missions from Morty.

Advice: Portland: Easy money:
In Portland, near Toni's place, is an alley with a parked van marked "Toyz". Get in the van to play a rampage mini-game involving an RC car with a bomb attached to it. You get $1000 for each Mafia car you destroy. This game can be played as many times as needed.

Advice: Portland: Flamethrower:
Get a decent car, such as the cab or something that is not too heavy. Drive from your hideout in Portland to the end of the road to your left. Turn around, and drive on the grass under the monorail tracks. On the left section of grass will be a jump made out of concrete. Jump off it, and try to land on the monorail tracks, or at least on the stairway so you are facing the same way that you were driving. Drive in-between the tracks, as you do not want to take a chance at getting knocked off by the monorail. You will soon see a glowing circle on your right, which is the flamethrower. Drive over to it, and park next to the ledge-type object below it. Jump onto the hood of the car and take the flamethrower. Save the game at this point, as it may be difficult to get it again.

Advice: Portland: Molotov cocktails:
Go to 8-Ball's auto yard, and take the path leading to the garage. Before you enter the garage is a path leading left. Take this path, then go straight until you find train tracks. Turn right following, the train tracks. This leads into a tunnel. Keep going until you find a group of bums. Run over and kill them. They will leave Molotov cocktails and a hidden package.

Advice: Portland: Paper body targets:
Go by Luigi's club, but turn in the alley to your right. There will be three paper body targets located there.

Advice: Portland: Drive on elevated train tracks:
In the highest area of Portland is elevated train station. The path leading up to the tracks is large enough to fit a car.

Advice: Portland: Get on Chinatown rooftops:
Go to the jump that has a parking lot before it. Enable the "Better driving skills" code. Go off the jump against the wall and try to make it on the train tracks. Go a little father and you will see a building close to the tracks. Go as fast as possible to jump from the tracks to the building.

Advice: Portland: Free law enforcement cars without risk of felony:
At the dock in Portland, where there is an area that has yellow stripes, if you can manage to take the police car, the Enforcer, the FBI car, the Barracks OL, the Rhino, an ambulance, and a fire truck, there will be Grand Theft Auto 3 icons that have the name of each car above them. Walk into one. The crane will bring that vehicle off the ship and put it into the area with yellow stripes.

Advice: Portland: Car dealer:
When you are getting off the bridge going to Portland, take the first right. Follow the curve then turn right. Next take the first right again into a parking lot. When you are in the parking lot, turn left and go between the buildings. When between the buildings, turn left. When you get out of the building, turn right to find the a garage that you use to collect cars. When you get all the cars, you will get a big cash bonus and unlimited amount of cars that you delivered.

Advice: Portland: Rock:
On the high bluff just past Salvatore's Gentleman's Club, you can see the lighthouse. Enable the "Flying car" code, get a Banshee or other fast car, and it will be possible to jump/fly to the lighthouse. Note: It is impossible to escape from the rock. You will slide into the water if you stop moving.

Advice: Bait mission: Crash proof car:
Have one of Sentinel cars follow you while you are in a car. Get out and they will also get out. Shoot them (you will fail the mission), then get in their car. It is crash now proof. This will last until you save the game.

Advice: Bomb Da Base mission: Kill guards easily:
Go to the ware boating dock and drop off 8-Ball in the blue light. Turn around and head for the entrance. Take the first left, then another left. There should be a flight of stairs located there. Go up the stairs and get on the roof, close enough to where you can see the guards. Hold L1 to aim, and press Square to zoom in. Shoot the first two guards at the entrance ramp. Note: If you shoot the one at the top of the screen, the one near the bottom will shoot at you. Shoot the guard that is shooting at you. Go up to the boat and shoot the rest of the guards, working from left to right. Move quickly, but not too fast where you will not have any accuracy.

Use the following trick to kill the guards on the ship easily, and allow 8-Ball to blow it up. Run toward the ship, then turn right after the building. Keep running all the way until the trails. You can find some drugs there. Take them, and run back along the building -- it is better to run with the fist and the X tapped. Climb the stairs on the left (at the end of the building). Position yourself on the roof facing the ship. Now you have a lot of time to aim at and kill the guards, until the effect of the drugs fades away.

Enable the "Full armor" and "All weapons" codes. When 8-Ball tells you to find a good vantage point, instead use R2 to get to your Uzi and enable the "Tank" code. Get in the Tank and drive it towards the entrance ramp. Shoot the guards in front of the ramp before you get to it, then get out directly in front of the ramp. Run up with your Uzi and use R1 to target all the guards and press Circle to fire. Do this quickly because they will be shooting at you. Note: Be careful when using R1 to aim as you may accidentally target 8-Ball.

Enable the "All weapons" code. Take out the rocket launcher, go straight, and turn right. Next, go up the steps and shoot the guards up top first, then the ones at the bottom. Then, hurry and run over with 8-Ball and shoot the guards that you missed.

Advice: Bullion mission: Drive underwater:
On the Bullion mission in Shoreside Vale at the pay phone, get the BF Injector, a police car, or any other car with some power. Collect 15 to 20 platinums. Go to the dam (the place on top where you get the two hidden packages). Get near the place where you are leaving the industrial area and going to the houses. There is a green patch of grass that will lead you by the water by the damn. Carefully drive off the grass and into the water. You will not die because you are weighted down with platinum. You can now drive underwater. If you fall into the area where there is no ground, you will land shortly on the damn without dying. If the mission time ends, you will lose all of your mass and be unable to do this further. Also try jumping off the grass ledge to the river by where you are supposed to deliver the platinum. You will sink all the way to the tunnel and be rewarded with a varying stunt bonus.

Advice: Decoy mission:
On the Decoy mission given by Donald Love, you will have to take an armored van and evade police capture. This can seem very difficult when you have six stars and every police car available is after you. When you arrive at the location of the van in Shoreside Vale, you will notice that there are SWAT cars and police cars all around the van area. Simply use a Rocket Launcher to blow up all police vehicles around the area. Then, use the "No wanted level" code. Use this until all police cars that are just sitting there have been destroyed. You still will be tracked by police helicopters and new policemen, but this will make the mission much easier.

If you can get away from most of the cop cars and get on to Cochran Dam, only one cop car and the two helicopters will be on you. Stay up there and drive in circles to avoid getting hit by the cop.

Advice: Escort Service mission:
When doing the Escort Service mission for Donald Love, make sure you have a lot of M-16 ammunition. Instead of stealing a car, jump on the back of the armored car. It will start to move. Keep watching for the Cartel trucks, then switch to first person mode. Use the M-16 to take out the trucks before they attack. Remember to watch your footing on the back of the armored car, especially around corners.

Advice: Espresso-2-Go mission:
Do not go to the first stand. Drive around town until all of the nine stands have shown up on the map -- some are in Shoreside Vale. When you hit the first stand, the eight minutes will start and you now have that time to just destroy the stands instead of looking for them while the timer is running. You should finish the mission with plenty of time remaining.

Advice: Killing Kenji mission:
After talking with Donald Love, steal a Colombian Cartel cruiser. Go to the parking garage where Kenji is holding his meeting. Enable the "All weapons" code. Drive the cruiser to the level in the garage directly underneath where Kenji is located. Use the Bazooka and shoot at the ceiling of the level you are on many times until everything above is destroyed. You will need enable the "No wanted level" code often while shooting the ceiling. Get back in the cruiser and the message "Kenji is fender meat" will appear. Enable the "No wanted level" code, drive the cruiser out, and get rid of it.

Advice: Liberator mission:
When doing the Liberator mission for Donald Love (saving the older oriental gentlemen), before entering the Cartel's gate, throw a grenade. This will decrease the number of Cartels you have to kill.

Advice: Marked Man mission:
When you have to drive Ray from the park to the airport, you will be told to find another route because the bridge is being covered by cops. Get the bulletproof Cheetah and drive to the airport through the bridge from Staunton Island to Shoreside. You will encounter heavy fire from several cops with AR-15s, but the Cheetah is bulletproof. The Cheetah is fast, so you will finish the mission in a short amount of time. After driving him to the airport, you will get his keys to the garage that contains a bulletproof Hummer with guns and money.

Activate the "Tank" code and drive Ray to the Airport in Shoreside Vale. It may seem slower, but the CIA cannot go through the armor on the bridge.

To get the bulletproof Patriot (Hummer), complete the Marked Man mission for Roy (the cop) the second time that you meet him.

Advice: Purge The Paparazi mission:
Rather than chasing down the boat, simply walk over to the wall next to A's apartment. When you have a clear view of the photographer's boat, select the "bazooka" weapon and pump three shots into the boat. If done correctly, this will result in instant victory without getting your feet wet.

Advice: Sayonara Salvatore mission:
Instead of ambushing Salvatore's car, go to Luigu's early. Go to the back door. When time is up, Salvatore's bodyguards will appear. Mow them all down with your machine gun and finally get Salvatore.

Get a Blista (recommended), Moonbeam, or Rumpo. If you do not have a sniper rifle in your inventory, enable the "All weapons" code. When you go to Luigi's, park your car by the Sex Kitten. The way you should go is supposed start at Ammunition, but instead go the way when you see the underground subway. Next head for Luigi's. On the left side of the road is a black building with a red overhead and a orange vertical sign that says "Sex Kitten" or something similar. Park on the left side of the road where you can see the alley where Sal appears from. Make sure you have a good vantage point, because a Mafia man may get in your way. Jump on top of the van and aim at the alley where he appears from. When you cap him, the Mafia will not now who did it and you will not have to work so hard.

Killing Salvatore is very easy if you use the sniper rifle. Go into the area where the rear entrance to the club is located. Go up the far stairs to the roof and walk around until you get a good view of the door. Let all the goons exit, but do not shoot them. When Salvatore appears, it will just take one shot and one kill to end the mission.

Before you begin the mission at Asuka's place, go to the AmmuNation in Staunton Island and buy a sniper rifle. Activate the mission, go to Portland and drive a car into the doorway of the "Sex Kitten Club" to the left of Luigi's bar. Jump on the car and sniper in on the alley way where Salvatore appears. The Mafia will not see you and you can shoot Salvatore in the chest when he walks out.

It is possible to use other tactics, rather than ram his car. Basically, if you have a sound knowledge of Portland, drive to Salvatore's mansion, park two cars parallel to the entrance (preferably a Patriot and Blista), and wait until he arrives. Providing you have grenades, he should crash into the cars. Throw the grenades and the explosion should create a chain reaction and destroy the other cars.

Advice: Silence the Sneak mission:
When you find the apartment and the window is zoomed in, look on the same wall for a garage door. Find a vehicle (the bigger, the better) and block the garage with it. Next, throw the grenade into the window. When the sneak tries to escape, the vehicle will be in his way. Quickly throw a grenade at the car placed in front of the garage. Both cars and anyone inside should explode. Throw extra grenades into the garage if needed. You have now completed the mission with no chasing.

Instead of just throwing a grenade through the window, enable the "Tank" code and drive it to where the front is facing the garage door that the sneak exits from with his car. Put the tank about a foot away from it. When the sneak appears, he will hit the tank and his car will explode.

Advice: Skunk In The Trunk mission: Dead body in trunk:
Do the "Skunk In The Trunk" mission for Joe. Before you get into the car, enable the "All weapons" code and blow up the car that chase you. Then, bash the trunk until it opens. Get out and look at it.

Advice: Speedboat mission:
Before you go to see Donald Love (the mission after saving the older oriental gentleman), pick up a 2 1/2 ton truck in the weapons yard at the northern most part of Staunton Island. Go to see Love, then after the mission begins, head for Asuka's. Back the truck slowly into the opening for the docks and leave it there. Go down the stairs and get in the speedboat. Pick up the packages -- when you have them all, your wanted level will be at 5. Return to the dock outside Asuka's. You can land the boat onto the dock. Run up, get in the truck, and head back up the road. Take the alley on the hill. This is where the Pay 'N Spray is located. Park the truck so it will block traffic from behind you -- you cannot paint it. The black cars are loaded with four FBI agents with assault rifles. You can now do one of two things. Either get in the mini van and get in the Pay 'N Spray; but if for some reason you cannot, then run up to the Pay N' Spray and hide in the garage bay. In a few seconds, the only thing around will be the helicopter. Once you get near the road again, the FBI comes out in force. Get one or two cars to follow you into the alley area, then run back up towards the Pay 'N Spray and get out your assault rifle. If done correctly, you should have at least one FBI car near the ramp. Take out the agents and be careful not to shoot the car too much. Steal the FBI car and take it to the Pay 'N Spray. They will paint it since it is unmarked. From here, you can park the car in your garage. You may want to keep it since it is one of the hardest cars to get. Steal a car and take the packages back to Love. Note: You must go in the Pay 'N Spray to get rid of your wanted level.

At Staunton Island for Asuka (Speedboat mission) instead of taking the police boat, go to the end of the dock closest to Asuka's and steel a speedboat. Chase him around Portland and he will pull into the dock in Staunton Island. Shoot him when he gets out of his boat.

Advice: The Thieves mission: Locked car:
Begin The Thieves mission from Marty. After dropping off the thieves, re-spray the car then knock off the driver's side door. Take the car to Marty's with the door off, then get out. The mission passed mission will appear. Then, use the door that is busted off to get in the car. Take the car to Pay N Spay. Fix it, and your doors are now locked. The police, prostitutes, and gangs cannot get in your car. You can just sit there and watch.

Advice: Turismo mission: Easy completion:
When doing the first Diablo mission, "Turismo", go to the starting grid. Start the race and once it begins, jump out of your car. Run into the bushes to the right. When you get there, enable the "Destroy all cars" code. The other racers will explode and put you in first place. Then, just complete all the check points to complete the mission.

You can win the Turismo mission by stealing the other racer's cars.

Enable the "Tank" code and destroy all the cars at the start of the race. Once they are gone, hop in a fast car and get all the checkpoints and all the money.

Advice: Turismo mission: Head start:
On the Turismo mission that you receive from El Burro in the phone call, use the following trick to get a head start on all the Cheetahs. Instead of going, throw the Blue Marker and wait for the countdown. Get good enough speed and go straight through them. This will start the race and give you a head start. This will only work if you do not go through them cleanly -- you have to touch at least one.

Advice: Two Faced Tanner mission: Killing Tanner
Take the Yakuza Stinger from Asuka, and find 8-Ball's auto shop on your map. Take the Stinger to 8-Ball's and rig it. Next, drive to Kenji's casino and pull in front of Tanner's car (the stationary Esperato). Press Circle, quickly get out of the Stinger and speed run to the blue circle. If timed correctly, Tanner will run out, pull open his door, and attempt to enter.

Advice: The Exchange mission: Defeating the Colombian Cartel:
To have an easier fight against the Colombian Cartel in the last mission, you must collect every hidden package. Once you leave the mansion in Shoreside Vale you can return to your hideout in Wichita Gardens and have all the ammunition you need. Then, just use rockets on the Cartel Cruiser barricades and the Barracks OL trucks. Use a strong car for cover and use the sniper rifle to pick off any Cartel guards. Then, move to the roof. After all the guards on the ground are gone, move up the stairs -- but not all the way. Snipe the two guards covering Maria and the one behind the smoke stack.

Before you start the mission, start from your house in Wichita Gardens, then turn left onto the street. Turn left again at the intersection on the corner. Follow the S-curves all the way up to the top. Turn right at the intersection and go past the Colombian mansion. Turn left at the intersection to go down the two lane road. Follow this road down about halfway to about three quarters of the way down. Stop and enable the "Tank" code. Park the tank on the north side of the street (on the rocky part, off the road). Then, get back in your car, drive back to the Colombian mansion the same way that you came. Once you start the mission, get into one of the Colombian pickup trucks and drive back to your tank the same way you came. Once you get to your tank, enable the "All weapons" code. Get into your tank, then drive to the dam. Drive through the first Colombian barricade and proceed down the path until you reach some trees. Pick up the gun that is near those trees. Get back into your tank and drive through the second Colombian barricade. Then back up slightly and snipe the men on the towers and every other Colombian in view. Get back into your tank and shoot, run over, or explode everything and everybody coming after you, until everyone is dead. By that time, if you get out of your tank, you should hear the helicopter approaching from the south. Take out your rocket launcher and shoot down the helicopter. Then, take out your sniper rifle and snipe the two men covering Maria. Then, snipe the man near the smoke stack to your left. Walk over to Maria to complete the mission. Remember to work fast, and sometimes rely on your tank to protect you so you do not kill yourself.

Advice: Easy vigilante missions:
When you get close enough to the criminal's car, pause game play. When the game is resumed, the criminal will stop his car and get out. Then, just run him over.

Advice: Easy paramedic missions:
To have the easiest paramedic missions, do them all on Portland Island, before you do any missions in the game. By doing this, there will be no enemy gangs out to get you and destroy your vehicle.

Advice: Easy police missions:
A quick way to get all the police bribes for your hideout is to first steal a police car (or any other law enforcement car). Take it to your hideout, then enter "Vigilante". Put the car in your garage and get out. Wait until the door closes, then enable the "Destroy all cars" code. This will kill the criminal. Enter back into the police car, which will be fine since it was in the garage. Repeat this as many times as needed. Since you get money for each criminal you kill, you may also want to do this when low on cash. This method can also be used with any other mission that requires you to destroy a car.

Advice: Easy boat missions:
When taking a boat mission that requires you to destroy another boat, do not try and destroy it yourself. Just enable the "Destroy all cars" code and the mission completed message will appear.

Advice: Easy rampage missions:
Have one star in your wanted level, then have a policeman follow you when you pick up the icon. When the rampage starts, the policeman will still follow you, but because he is there the gangs will not shoot at you, leaving you to freely pop them off without any trouble. However, you will get punched in the back of the head by a policeman at random.

Advice: Easy rare cars:
Take a Cheetah, Banshee, or Stinger and drive around. More of the kind of car that you are driving will appear.

Find a firetruck and activate the firefighter mission by pressing L3. When you find a car to extinguish, take it.

Advice: Obtain cars on demand:
To obtain most of the cars on demand, complete the list of cars in both of the Import/Export Garages. You will then be able to walk in and take any car on the list you want an unlimited number of times. There are two Import/Export Garages in the game. The first is located in the docks on Portland Island. It is a medium-sized warehouse near the large ship and crane. The second is located on Shoreside Vale, in the warehouse area next to Cocrane Dam. The warehouse is almost on the road along the cliff facing the dam and lake below.

Advice: No traffic:
To get rid of all traffic, and make races easier, enable the "Tank" code about a dozen times. The game's memory gets used up and there will be no traffic (or cop cars) to hinder your reckless speeding. You will still have access to parked cars, but not moving ones. However, after the mission you must destroy all tanks (enable the "Destroy all vehicles" code) or the game will not be able to save correctly (the file that you try to save it to cannot be opened again).

Advice: Skip Kenji missions:
To skip the majority of the missions for Kenji, do the first mission for him then work for Ray. After enough missions for him, you will be able to work for Donald Love. One of Donald's missions involves killing Kenji. Do it and you will have skipped three very hard missions.

Advice: Tank:
If you manage to get a tank (by getting the Army after you and having the soldiers leave the tank), it is possible to save it in your garage. Unfortunately, a tank will only fit in your Stauton Island hideout due to the size of the door. Tanks are not indestructible but they can take about 20 to 30 minutes worth of punishment. Tanks can also flip over, but this is not easy to do. The tank shoots grenade rounds, of which you have an unlimited amount. You can also move the tank's turret with the Right Analog-stick. Note: The tank can also be used in the Vigilante missions.

To get a tank, raise your wanted level to 6. Next, find a way to get it back to level 0, no matter what. Then, go to Phil's Weapon Shop at the very tip of Staunton Island. You should be able to enter the tank there.

Advice: Fast tank:
To get the tank to go extremely fast, turn your turret to face directly back, then fire repeatedly. Watch your shots -- if you hit any cars the cops will chase you. This is especially useful for the Vigilante missions.

Advice: Flying tank:
Get the tank, then turn the turret backwards and find a long road (such as the airport at Shoreside Vale or any of the bridges). Start shooting it as fast as you can to speed up the tank, hold Left Analog-stick Down. If done correctly, the tank will become airborne allowing you to actually fly it around. Do not hold Left Analog-stick Down too far or you will crash. Note: Also enable the "Flying car" code to increase the flying ability. Once in the air, balance it out pressing Up and Down. You can also turn, but usually will stall. Keep firing the turret while in the air. You can fly into buildings, and do all types of tricks. If you fly long enough you will encounter game malfunctiones.

Advice: Other flying vehicles:
Select a car, such as the tank, fire truck, cop car, or sentinel. Find an open road, such as the airport. Go as fast as you can while holding Down. Do this for briefly then quickly hold Up. If done correctly, your car should fly high for awhile.

Advice: Tank storage:
The game seems to remember the location of tanks, no matter where they are. Enable the "Tank" code, then park the it near your safe house. Save your game, and when you load it again the tank will be where you saved it. Note: It is not necessary to ever park it in the garage.

Advice: Hitch a ride:
If you are close to a cop and do not want to steel a car, but you also do not want to walk, jump on top of a car and let them take you away.

Advice: Drive-by shooting:
Get the Uzi and enter any car. Press R2 + Circle or L2 + Circle and your character will shoot the Uzi out either side of the car.

Get in any car and keep pressing Select until you cannot see anything but the road and nothing of your car. Then, enable the "All weapons" code or get a Uzi. Next, hold L2 or R2 to see your man putting his gun out the window from inside the car. This makes drive by shootings more fun, but you cannot see anything ahead of you while driving.

Stop a vehicle but do not jack it. Hop on top or back of it and get your favorite weapon out. Shoot the vehicle with the M-16 once and wait for it to speed up. Then, just start shooting away at the people.

Advice: Automatic handgun:
With the handgun equipped, hold Circle to fire a fury of bullets at a constant rate until your clip runs out.

Advice: Hitchhiking shooting:
Enable the "Increased gore", "Crazy pedestrians" , and "Pedestrians riot" codes. Run into the street and hop onto the nearest car (Bobcats seem to work best). Position yourself on theroof or the bed if on the Bobcat. Pick your favorite gun and enjoy the chaotic ride. This tends to be short-lived but very fun when you see your character shooting from the roof of a moving car. Snipers can really test their skills with this. Using the M-16 gives you the feel of a first-person gun game. If the car stops at a light or is too slow for your tastes, give it one shot (on the hood or elsewhere).

Advice: Make pedestrians jump to their death:
Get a car and drive it to an area where there is water close to a road. Next, drive your car to the edge while there are people around. Get out and push your car into the water. Wait until it explodes. All the people around will run into the water, trying to see the explosion and consequently drown themselves. They will float down there for awhile.

Advice: Kill a lot of pedestrians:
Kill a pedestrian with a gun. Then, wait until everyone nearby approaches to see the dead person. Enable the "All weapons" code and select the rocket launcher. Get far back and blast everyone standing around the first dead person.

Advice: Scared pedestrians:
Shoot cars with an M16 until they catch on fire. The person driving will accelerate and try to stop. Watch the car explode. The car might stop and the driver will get out and hit another car while the other car speeds up (before stopping and exploding).

Advice: Singing paramedics:
Kill a lot of people and the ambulance should appears. If you get stars, enable the the "No wanted level" code. The paramedics will jump out of the ambulance to heal the injured people. While they are healing the people, they will sing parts of songs from the radio.

Advice: Faster shooting shotgun:
Hold Circle to fire the shotgun (or any other lock-on weapon) and press R1 repeatedly to fire it rapidly at your target. This method usually targets many targets around you, resulting in killing everything that is in range. When using the shotgun, try pressing R1 each time your character is about to pump the shotgun to prevent him from jittering, thus making it fire as fast as the handgun.

Advice: Shotgun rounds:
Every police car you get into results in five rounds for a shotgun.

Advice: Stealing police cars:
To easily steal police cars, press Triangle at the drivers side door. Then, as the policeman gets out, go to the passenger side and hop in.

Go to the passenger door and try to open it. The cop will get out and try to arrest you. Once he is out and closes his door, get in the passenger side and drive off. Note: You will have one star on you.

Advice: Use exploding cars:
If your car is on fire, get out. It is about to explode, but this is also a good thing. if you need a big bomb and you do not have the money for Eightball, smash your car into things and use it as a bomb on wheels when it starts to burn.

Advice: Drive a burned wreck:
Stand in front of the car you want to hijack and enable the "Destroy all cars" code. You character will try to enter the car and it will explode. Immediately enable the "Full health" code to put out the flames on the wreck. You can now drive the black twisted piece of metal around town.

Advice: Fire hose:
To use the fire hose, press Circle and water will spray out. You can also knock people over with the water.

Advice: Fire truck message:
Get a fire truck to see the message "Putting out since 1872" near the bumper.

Look at either side of a fire truck to see the message "Don't burn in silence... Call 911".

Advice: 100 armor:
In some police stations are Enforcers (police trucks). If you go in them, you will get 100 armor.

Hijack the Line Runner (semi-truck), then exit. You will have 100 armor.

Advice: Free repairs:
Park your car(s) in the garage at the save point. Exit, then go in to save. You can either save your game or cancel. Either way, your car(s) will be repaired.

While in Portland and Staunton Island, if your car is on the brink of fire, or you want it to be as new as the day you stole it, drive to your hideout. Pull your car into the garage and get out. Leave the garage so that the door can close, then run back in and take out your newly repaired car. You do not have to save the game for the car to repair. This trick will not work in Shoreside Vale -- you will have to save the game for an easy repair.

When car is on fire and you want to save it, get to your hideout before it explodes and save the game. When you select "OK" and leave your door/elevator, your car will stop burning. Get it to a Pay N' Spray or put it in your garage. Be careful -- one hit and your car may burn again.

Drive a car into your garage with the trunk still sticking out. Take the rocket launcher and shoot the back end of the car. It should explode, get knocked inside, and the door will close. When you open it up, your car will be as good as new.

Go to one of your garages and put in a damaged car. Let the door shut. When it opens, your car will be brand new.

Advice: Free paint jobs:
Go to pay and spray once. Pay the $1,000 for the new engine and paint job. Then, immediately drive back in an get a new paint job, free of charge. This can be done as many times as needed until you get the desired paint job.

Advice: Getting guns:
Go by Toni's place to find an alleyway where an Uzi is located. Go near the mob car on the ledge in the other nearby alley -- you can go between two buildings and find an AK47-like rifle and some armor.

Go to Chinatown and look for a Triad member (men with blue uniforms). Run them down with a car until a gun appears (sometimes it is a bat). Alternately, you can get out of your car and hit them with a bat, but you might be spotted by another Triad member and get shot.

Advice: Hidden packages:
When you see the Rockstar billboard, there are usually some items nearby. On the three islands, hidden packages are usually found near the billboards. For every ten hidden packages you find, you gain access to a new weapon located at your hideout, free of charge.

There is a hidden package on the split bridge. You have to get on the middle to get it, and be on the bridge as it goes up. Note: You must get the package quickly before the bridge goes back down.

If see an alley, a cut-through, a big vacant area, or anyplace where you would never normally go, drive around. There may be a package located there, or at least a gun or health.

Advice: Get on top of subway:
Go to the subway in any town. Go to the edge of the platform where it slopes down. Take a step forward and fall right between the actual subway rail and the edge of the platform (the yellow part). Wait for the train and when it arrives, press Triangle to get in. Before the subway leaves, press Triangle again to get back out. If done correctly, you should now be on top of the subway. Note: The graphics will malfunction. If you fall back off the edge, you will land back on the platform unless you go further down the tracks.

Advice: Matrix-type fights:
When you are "on drugs" (when the small pill icon appears), get into a fist fight or have a shoot out with someone. The fight will have a Matrix-type effect.

Advice: Regain health:
Car jack any vehicle and drive up to a prostitute walking the streets. Stop and let her approach the car, after a few seconds of talking, she will get in. Drive to a remote area where there are not any cops around (a good place is in your hideout). Stop the car, but do not get out. After about two seconds, the car will start rocking back and forth. You will recover approximately 40 to 50 points of health. When it is over, she will exit the car and walk away, but not before she charges you a fee. At this point you can beat her up and take back the money you just paid her. Note: The prostitute will fight back when you try to take your money back. If for any reason you both have to exit the car before it starts rocking, you will still be charged a fee (beat her up to take it back). You cannot do this with the same prostitute twice in one night -- you can however, pick up another prostitute and recover more health. Even though the maximum amount of health points is 100 when you start the game, it increases to 125 after the encounter and remains that way.

When you pick up a prostitute and as soon as the car stops shaking, before the girl gets out, step on the gas slightly. She will not get out because the car is moving. If you stop right after, the car will start rocking again. This is a good way to save time when you are trying to get health back.

Advice: Attracting prostitutes:
Go to the red light area in the Portland Industrial District and drive very slowly next to a prostitute. They will walk up to your car, bend over, and eventually go in.

The easiest pick up a prostitute is to drive a fine car. While taxis and cop cars do not attract them easily, cars such as Diablos and others will attract them more often.

Advice: Pick up two prostitutes at once:
Get a four door car such as a Landstalker or a Limo. Find two prostitutes that are together on the street and then have them enter the car. You will not get extra health.

Advice: Pickpockets:
There are two kinds of pickpockets in the game. One looks like a Nines gang member, but wears darker clothes. The second type has a black shirt and blue and white pants. When you see them pickpocket, aim at them with a gun and they will drop the money.

To attract pickpockets, go to Hepburn Heights and get a get a good car such as a Diablo. Drive slow and look for pickpockets. Honk the horn and after awhile they will approach, get in your car, and drive off. Arm your car with a bomb so when they drive off, the car will explode with them inside.

Advice: Airport boats:
Around the airport runway is a ramp that goes to the water. Once there, you will find a police boat or a speeder on the other side of the water. You can also drive the boat up to the dam and the other side of Staunton Island.

Advice: Destroying Tanks (Rhinos):
The only way to destroy a Tank that is attacking you is to use weapons such as Molotov Cocktails and the Flamethrower.

Advice: Auto star:
Enable the "Change outfit" code and become a law officer. Punch someone or steal a car to get a star.

Advice: Cops shot in one star:
Jump on a car when a cop is chasing you on foot. The cop will shoot you.

Advice: Newspapers:
Take a look at the newspapers that float around on the streets. There are two different types. One has the same page of articles as the page in the instruction manual, with circles around some of them. The other newspaper has a picture of Elvis with glowing eyes with the words "Elvis Zombie Found with shit".

Advice: Smash cars with bare hands:
When hopped up on pills, your character can smash up cars with his bare hands. Approach the side of a car and run towards it while holding X. The car's windows will break and the body will dent. If the vehicle has a high center of gravity (such as a truck or an ambulance), you can tip it over.

Advice: Attacking landstalkers:
Ram and shoot the red landstalkers on the second island. A group of them will start to attack you, as if they are another type of gang. This seems to work best around the construction site.

Advice: Run farther:
The main character's running distance depends on how much you exercise him. The more he runs, the farther he will be able to go without stopping.

Advice: Using sirens:
Steal ether a police, ambulance, or fire truck (easier to steal). Turn on the sirens and all cars on the road will pull over and get out of your way. This will not bring your wanted level up. Try staying in the center of the road -- if you go to the side of the intersection, cars will either hit you or cause a road block. Note: If it does not work the first time, keep pressing L3.

Advice: Car alarms:
If enter a car and the alarm goes on, just get out of the car and wait for it to stop. After the car alarm stops, simply get back in the vehicle and you can drive away free of noise and suspicion from the cops.

Advice: Avoid police chases:
After stealing police cars, you are relentlessly pursued by the police until you are captured or injured. In order to get around this, steal the police car (try smashing them until they get out to arrest you, and then jump in their car). Take the stolen police car to your garage (the condition does not matter), and save the game. When you return with the stolen police car later (from your garage), it will be viewed as a normal car by the police, but will still be able to do the Vigilante mission.

First, find badges. The best places to look are in the alleys and parking lots. If being chased in a car, and you are not about to explode, just keep running, and try to not kill anyone. Sometimes, if you drive around enough in harsh conditions, the cops will just stop chasing you. This only happens if you have one or two stars though. If you have around four or more stars, quickly find some badges. The cops are reckless around then, and will do anything to get you busted, or most likely killed, even if it means accidentally killing a few witnesses.

Get back to your hideout, save then game, then reload. The cops will be gone. This works no matter how high your wanted level has become.

Advice: Be a passenger:
When you are near a police car, press Triangle and try to get in. As the cop gets out to arrest you, get in through the other door and then enable the "No wanted level" code. If done quickly enough, the cop will stop chasing you and get in the drivers seat while you are still in the passenger seat.

Advice: More cars in garage:
When you are at your hideout, you are able to park any vehicle for later use. In Staunton Island, you are allowed two cars in the garage, but the following trick will let you park as many as many as you can fit. After you drive up to the garage door and the game states that you cannot park any more cars, get out and walk up to the door. The garage will open. As soon as it does, immediately get back into your car and drive it in as it closes again. You have to do this quickly, but once it is in the game will save the car. Also, try stacking cars on top of one another which will increase garage space.

When you drive up to the garage and the message "No more cars can be stored in this garage" appears, get out of your car. Walk up to the garage and the door will open. Get in one of the cars you have inside and back up half in and half out of the garage. The game will think you are trying to drive your car in, so it will not close. Then, get out of that car and get in the one you want to put inside. Drive the car in the garage, get out and drive the other one (half in and half out) back inside.

Advice: Shoot the moon:
Use the sniper rifle at night, zoom in on the moon, then shoot it. It will get bigger or smaller.

Advice: Chatterbox callers:
During the game Maria calls in to Chatterbox, and asks if you are gay.

On rare occasions you can hear Tony from some of your missions in Portland call in to Chatterbox. He tells the host Lazlow about his mother treating him like a kid. You have to listen carefully because Tony tells Lazlow to call him sir, so nobody can tell it is him calling. Lazlow will only say Tony couple of times. Note: He is the guest that Lazlow tells to stop cussing because Chatterbox is a family radio station.

Advice: Radio station rewind:
When you want to hear a radio station from the very start of the track, get in a car and select the station of your choice. Wait for the game to switch to that station. Then, pause game play and resume. Before the game switches from the pause menu to the game play screen, press X. When the game resumes the radio station you selected will jump to the start of the track, and you can hear it from the beginning.

Advice: Web sites:
The web sites mentioned on the radio stations during the game actually exist.

There is a web site on the sign for the car lot in Portland that reads "", but the actual web page does not exist.

Malfunction: Jail clothes:
Start the game and wait for your first mission. You will be dressed in a "jail" type of clothing. From there, load a saved game. Once you start your saved game, you will still be dressed in the jail clothes. Note: If you happen to save the game, the "Different costume" cheat is will always be disabled.

Malfunction: Interior car view:
Get any car that will fit in the subway tunnels. Take it down into the subway from Chinatown going towards Staunton Island. Enable the "Better driving skills" code. When you pass into Staunton Island (and the welcome screen appears ) press L3 to begin jumping. If done correctly, you will get stuck in the top, allowing you to see through the roof and view the driver turning the wheels and changing the gears.

Malfunction: Walk through walls:
Enable the "Faster game play" code twice. Get any car except the Dodo or a bus. Drive up to a corner where two walls meet. Get out of the car. Run into the corner of the car that is closest to the wall. Keep trying until you are inside the building or wall. Note: This does not work on all walls. If you go inside some buildings, the game will malfunction and you will fall through "Blue Hell". The game will not freeze.

Malfunction: Fall through game:
Go to the overpass of the bridge between Portland and Staunton Island on the Staunton side. Go to the southwest edge of the bottom of the overpass (with the radio station ads). Note the tiny space in-between the brick building and the overpass. Walk up to it and you will fall through the game, reappear in the sky, fall through the overpass, and only lose five health points.

On the second island at the police station are two gates. Enter the one on the right with a police car and drive around the back of the station to the left side gate. Go though the gate to the bottom of the ramp. Exit the car and walk into the corner where the walls meet. You will then fall through the wall and land on the street corner above.

Malfunction: Teleport:
At Staunton Island, go to the subway at the southern most part of the island. Wait for a train to appear. When it does, go in the second door from the left. There should be a dip in the platform where you have to get up, but you will make it. Ride the train to the next stop at the airport. When you get off, you will be transported to the top of the subway tunnel.

Malfunction: Unlimited time on taxi missions:
Do a taxi mission and make sure the timer is on. Before you get your next fare, try to run down the timer and before it hits zero attract your next fare by stopping in front or around him/her. The counter should disappear, but the passenger should still enter the car and tell you where they want to go. You can keep using the same taxi with unlimited time for each passenger. Turning off the taxi mission or getting out of the car will result in the return of the timer in game.

Malfunction: Easy checkpoint missions:
If you are having trouble with some checkpoint missions, such as Multistory Mayhem, put your car directly in front of a checkpoint and allow the timer to run down. As soon as it hits "0", accelerate into the checkpoint. If done correctly, the timer should stop but the checkpoints should still be there. This gives you an easy ride to the last checkpoint, which when hit, will result in about $20,000.

Malfunction: Car alarm:
After getting into a car that has an alarm system, get back out after it goes off. Throw a grenade or shoot a rocket at the car. The car will explode, but the alarm will keep sounding.

Malfunction: Bulletproof, fireproof, explosion proof Cheetah:
Get a Tank. Go to your hideout and take out anything that is in your garage. Then go to the El Burro phone and accept the Turismo mission. Drive the Tank to the purple marker, making sure not to blow any cars up on the line. Whenever the race starts, turn your tank around and high-tail it back to your hideout. Park it right by the entrance and wait there. After awhile, around "Race Time:170", the cars will turn the corner. Run into one, causing it to explode. Then, push it into your garage. After it gets repaired, it will be bullet-proof, explosion proof, and fire proof. The only thing that destroys it is collisions.

Malfunction: Disappearing people:
When your walking and see people in the distance, press the button to look behind you, then turn back. The will have disappeared.

Malfunction: Saved game warning:
If the game seems to freeze when saving, do not turn the PlayStation2 off. If you do, your data will be erased forever. You might have to wait awhile for it to unfreeze.

Malfunction: Instruction manual:
The bottom right of page 14 of the manual (with the map) displays the gang logos. The Heart logo (Diablos) is identified instead as "Columbian Cartel". The logos are correct again on the next page, where the logos are bigger.