Welcome to the First Annual Grand Tournament where only the best fighters will make it to fight for the mysterious Grand Prize. You will compete with the strongest warriors of Dragoness and it will be an all out battle for sucess. Who ever reachers the top and claims the Grand Prize shall be nominated as Dragoness's strongest warrior and will keep the title until he is beaten in the next Tourney. Now I welcome you into my realm... Where anything is possible...Before you decide to email me about joining, go to the Warriors section and read at the bottom of page...

"You must try your hardest, learn to fight like a devil but do not rely sorely on your strength, you must also use strategy, if you go in with all muscle, you will soon find yourself dead like all the other fools..." Syphox, Dragoness - Shadows of Atma, Part 1 of 4, Story 1 - The Dawn of Choas.
The Rules
The First Annual Warriors
The Prizes
Your Equipment From Me

Any Questions? Email me at grandtournament@yahoo.com