At GraniteHills Bullmastiffs we believe before making any decision on purchasing a pet, show dog or just a cute couch potato that many hours of study should go into your chosen breed.  This includes talking to many breeders, going to shows, reading books and internet searches.
So, you think you want a Bullmastiff?  As a puppy they are soft, wrinkly and oh so cute.  Like the pictures below of Dur-Anya's True GraniteHills, AKA Truman and Ch Griffins GraniteHills Rumor.
However, as you can see if you run your mouse over Truman and Rumor's pictures, they do grow up!  This type of dog is not meant for the fragile or timid.  The Bullmastiff is fearless and confidant and needs someone who is confidant, patient and willing to work with that.  In my 10 years in Bullmastiffs I have learned that many will only work for you when they want to work.  This may require inventive training methods to accomplish the mission.
When looking for a Bullmastiff you should look for a breeder that has educated themselves in the genetics, temperament and standard of the breed.  This is NOT to say that all breeders that have done so are good breeders, nor does it mean that these breeders will produce a 100% healthy litter.  Things do happen!
In your search for a Bullmastiff puppy, I hope you talk to and get in touch with many different breeders and stick with your gut feeling.  Read books, talk to people and just educate yourself.  There are also rescue Bullmastiffs out there that might be a better match for you.  Do your homework
The Bullmastiff is my choice for a fun loving, devoted family pet.  Is it yours?
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