Welcome to Grannys home place. Here you'll find out all about Granny  (me) and my family. You'll see pictures of my children and grandchildren. You'll see pictures of wolves (maybe even learn a thing or two about them),lighthouses,and even more. I hope you enjoy your visit. Please come back and don't forget to sign my guest book. I'd really like to hear how you feel about my pages.
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This angel was MURDERED!!!!! Click on the graphic to read his story.
     I adopted this angel to show that I abhor child abuse and will do what I can to help make it stop. To adopt your own angel so you to can show your support in helping to stop child abuse click on the
                     "Heaven's Littlest Angel" logo below.
Princess Diana was always one of my favorite people. Click on the symbol to see a beautiful dedication to her.
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