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Shed and Store Located In South Adams Gardens, on McLelland,
between Hoss and Levins (one block West of S. Bass Blvd.)   Click Here for Map

Southern Living, December 1999
“Visit citrus farms such as Granny Clare’s Citrus for tours and tastings.” 

In our first appearance in this well-known magazine, the now famous Maria was featured sectioning grapefruit, an art she has perfected after a few instructions from Bill, or Captain Bill, as the Grandchildren call him.

When the Bradens began what they expected to be a very small shed to sell the citrus they were growing, both Bill and Clare worked all day everyday in the shed, which had to have a name.  Guessing that everyone would think we had a fish market if it were called Captain Bill’s, the alternative was Granny Clare’s, and now it has grown and become well-known as just plain Granny’s. 

While we have been growing our own citrus since 1987, we started our retail business on a very small scale in 1993.  As the business grew, we knew we had to divide our duties, so the out-going, loquacious Bill continued visiting with his many Winter Texan and local friends at the store, Clare looked after our Rio Pride gift fruit division from the shed and our home office.  Since these humble beginnings, we have added something new almost every season… the store building, with plenty of concrete parking areas, landscaping, which now gives one the feeling of entering a private jungle, a large conference room named “The Fun House” by Bill, the tram tours, and this year we have a new engine for the SuperStar Express AND 6 more acres of superb Valley soil which adjoins our existing farm on the Southeast corner. 

Visitors agree that our slogan, as shown in Better Homes and Garden’s Hometown Cooking, February 2000 issue, “Fruit is Fun,” is absolutely correct!  Bill’s hobby is cooking in his own separate kitchen, so he was chosen as “Our Kind of Cook” for a beautifully written article with irresistible photographs of food from some of his recipes, as well as our orchard…and even us! 

In our store and shed, you will still be greeted by Bill and the same wonderful crew so many of you know and enjoy.  Robert is the big guy shouting orders to everyone; his sister, Maggie, manages the store office and is Ms. Quality Control for all gift packages, and in her “spare” time, she helps out in her 2nd office when Clare gets behind.  Maria, the eldest sister, is the sectioning star, who puts on demonstrations of her sectioning expertise during Bill’s tours and prepares the platters and cartons of sections available in the store.  Behind the scenes, you will find Robert’s wife, Juanita, who can now pack fruit as perfectly as Maggie; Tio, the guy who selects and picks the very best for gift fruit, Mrs. Amalia, running the processing line and her husband, Jose, picking with Tio.  With this terrific nucleus, we still employ seasonal help during our 25-week season. 

Besides all the FUN at Granny Clare’s Citrus, you will find incomparable citrus of various kinds:  our famous SuperStars (The Rio Red grapefruit), Navel and Marrs Oranges, the rare Mandarin Limes and other varieties of limes and lemons, as available, and our freshly processed fruit…Maria’s sections, so handy for all occasions, freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit juice, Bill’s latest book, Wise and Otherwise, and a few utensils for enhancing your citrus preparation. 

Ask about our “in-store” discount on Rio Pride gift fruit orders.  Also, if you prefer to have your gift fruit packed for you to deliver or mail yourself, this can be done, with a bit of notice.  If you or your friends are flying out of the Valley, you will be sure to want an Air Pack, which can easily be checked on any airline with your luggage. 

The very interesting décor in the store and Fun House will amuse you, along with the joking and friendly banter that is ever-present here…all this, together with the world’s best citrus (just have a free sample and see for yourself), and the variety of services combine to give visitors a happy and memorable Valley experience. 

Other publications featured the Braden’s lifestyle and business last season are: 

Fort Worth Star Telegram, March 1, 2000, Pages 1E & 8E, “Gambling on Grapefruit” who submitted the article to Knight-Ridder Services, New York Times, Miami Herald, resulting in numerous publications. 

Valley Morning Star, January 5, 2000, Page 1-C, and Saludos Amigos Special Supplement, November 20, 1999. 

Active Times, April 25, 2000, by Pat Woods, a nationwide news supplement magazine. 

A recent series of television commercials for a local medical facility selected Rio Pride Orchards as the site for a portion of their filming, and at the present time, as a Japanese agency is preparing a promotional advertising film to be shown in Japan featuring Rio Pride Orchards, as a representative of the best of Texas Citrus.