Welcome to my home page.  Iím a grandmother who is new to computers and the web.  Iíve seen other pages where people had pictures of their families, and I thought it would be fun to do that.  Besides Iím extremely proud of my family, and want to show them off.  Of course Iím proud of our family pets, and they have their own page.  Iíll also provide interesting links to other pages Iíve found on the web, well at least interesting to me.  Hope you enjoy it though.  By the way this is my husband of 50 wonderful years

Yes, I said 50 years, the picture is from our 50th Wedding Anniversary.  In Our Place you can see some pictures from our week together at Opryland Hotel in Nashville.  We had a wonderful time there after a reception that we didnít really expect.  Actually we didnít really expect to like it, but we had a wonderful time.

I canít leave out a picture of our four legged companion, Terra.  Our children suprised us with her one Christmas, and our lives havnít been the same since.  As you can tell she really does rule the house.

Youíll also find a very special page in my site, dedicated my lovely granddaughter, Melissa, the Lord loaned her to us on May 15, 1979, and called her home on January 4, 1999.  On her pages, youíll find some pictures of her, and a very special page with some of her poems.  Her pictures, and especially her poems will give you some insight into the kind of person she is, and I mean IS, and let you see why she is missed so much.