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 Granny to the ResQ

Why pay double for a temp when you can have your key employee back?

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How about a granny that costs nothing 
when you don’t need her and
 saves you money when you do need her?Don't let your staff worry the whole day instead of working.

We provide a proficient and inexpensive service to IMMEDIATELY
 attend to the children of your busy employees, in their own home
 which will minimize staff absenteeism, in case of an emergency,
 illness, fever, gastro, etc. Employees work better knowing their
 child is being cared for and getting feedback of the situation.

The inconvenience of losing key employees for a day or two and
 paying high rates for temporary staff can be ruled out with Granny
 to the ResQ.

 What do you need to do: Just call Granny to the ResQ and we will take care of
 the problem immediately.

 All granny’s are carefully screened and selected and will be on call immediately.

At a minimal charge of R40.00* per hour we can attend to your employees ill children.

 If you are interested please contact Granny Joy at 011 4621894 we operate mainly in the selected Northern Suburbs of Gauteng and will be expanding in the future. Put us in your yearly budget instead of paying “temp staff”.

*We charge R 40-00 per hour, which does not include the traveling cost for outside our selected areas of operation.
Contact us for advice on our areas.
Additional discounts can be arraigned on contract orders.
The very good value for money is immediately obvious in comparison with
 a cost of a temp, who will have fraction of your employee's
and you will pay well in excess of R80-00 per hour.

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We have extended record in child care, Granny Joy who is the driving force behind the company has been in charge of a nursery school and crèche for the last 15 years. Not to mention the four daughters and seven grandchildren of her own.
She personally selects the staff , which is mainly retired ladies who will be available 
at any time to assist. Amongst the many different
criteria are:Granny Joy

  • Previous experience in child care

  • Understanding the needs of toddlers and babies

  • Sober habits  

  • Non smokers are preferred

  • Abilities to deal with a situation under stress

  • Basic understanding of medical conditions and diseases

  •  Previous medical experience is a definitive advantage  

  • Own transport is essential

  • Reliability                                


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