"His Amazing Grace"

I love curling up on the chair and looking at the garden, or finding a quiet corner in the house where I can just sit and think about the past and the present, read a good story or poem, or just watch the people walking past the house.

This site is a sister site to Grans Nook.  If you haven't visited there yet feel free.  I love visitors!

On this site you will find things to make you think, laugh, sometimes cry with joy or sadness, but always with the end idea to help you learn more about those around you and maybe a little about yourself.

There are no pictures or facts about me on this site.  If you would really like to know something about me, take a little trip to Grans Nook, where you will find a page about me and a page with pictures of my family.

I hope that you enjoy your visit.  Come back often as I will be adding something all of the time.

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Midi "His Amazing Grace" is Margi Harrell 

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