That sound may soon again be blasting its way across the airways... An effort is now under way to reopen the fabled US30 Drag Strip. Sitting idle for the past 21 years, the track is iching to awaken from its slumber.

How can this be, you say? Through the efforts of Mike Rachanski and Mike Alberts, headway has been made to reopen the drag strip that was an important part of so many peoples lives. Both spectators and racers alike can tell you countless stories of their visits to US30.

What's in store for the spectator and racer alike when it reopens? A modern up to date facility. Their intention is to aquire sanctioning by the IHRA (International Hot Rod Association). As part of the sactioning process, guardrails will be replaced by concrete walls, a sandtrap will be placed at the end of the track, seating for 10,000 people, food services and modern restroom facilities, not to mention a US30 Museum and a repair facility to aid the local school system. An RV/camping area is also under consideration. The intention is to make AND keep this track family friendly. Anything else would be a disservice to the community.

Will it help the community? You bet! Hotels, resturants and gas stations are the obvious beneifactors of the track being reopened but there are others. As much as possible, the jobs made available at the track will go to those in the community, particularly those in the immediate area of the track. Income from these jobs will be spent in local establishments such as grocery stores, the Mall, local car dealers, movie theaters, etc. Revenue brought in by racers and spectators alike will filter throughout the community.

How can I help, you ask? For more information visit Mike Rachanski's Drag Racing Legends website and send him an e-mail stating that you support the effort and why you believe it will benefit the community. If you live in the area, stop by the track at 7900 Clay St and talk to Bobby Kerr. He's the grounds keeper and still lives in the trailer at the track. Sign the petition and share a few stories with Bobby. He may even take you on a tour of the place. The track is located approximately 2 miles east of Interstate 65 on Highway US30. Go north on Clay St (at the flashing light) about a quarter of a mile and the track is on the left side of the street.

I will be posting updates on the progress being made on this important endeavor so please check back often. Hopefully, by the spring of 2007, we will again hear that crazy radio announcer shout out "SUNDAY... at smokin US30 Drag Strip... Where the great ones run... run... run...".

Update #1

It looks like the reopening of US30 Drag Strip has hit a "bump" in the road. It has been confirmed that Labana Management Company out of Ann Arbor Michigan has purchased the property. What effect does have on the plans to reopen US30? We don't know for sure yet. The new owners have not announced any specific plans for the property. However, both Mike's plan to continue pursuing every available option and have made contact with the new owners. We can't move forward until they make a decision. Until then...

Posted 2/28/06

Update #2

What's happening with the attempt to reopen US30? That's a good question. Unfortunately, I don't have an answer.

As of mid July, the title for the US30 property has NOT been transferred. What does this mean? Well, one of the following three (3) scenarios could explain it:

#1 The deal with Labana Management fell thru. When negotiating the details, there was potentially one or more details that could not be worked out and the two parties decided to go their seperate ways.

#2 The deal with Labana Management is still pending. Perhaps they are awaiting the results of EPA testing or they are still working out some of the details to the deal. Rezoning and approvals for improvements to the road, electric, gas, water & sewage infrastructures thru the city of Hobart may also be holding things up too.

#3 The purchase was made by contract. In which case, the title would probably not be transferred until the final payment is made.

So what's happening? Your guess is as good as mine. Has the property been sold or not? I don't know. Is there still a chance that US30 can be reopened? I don't know. Are people still working to reopen US30? I don't know.

As far as I know, Labana Management has not made any annoucements as to what they plan to do with the property.

Posted 8/7/06

Update #3

I recieved a phone call from Mike Rachanski this week. He informed me that he and others were still working hard to try and reopen US30 Drag Strip. I won't go into some of the details he gave me because 1. I don't want to jinx it and 2. If I tried to explained it, I'd probably get it screwed up. So let's just say they're still working on it.

Posted 2/1/07

Here's a few pictures of how it looks today.

Pit entrance, looking northwest from the road

Staging lanes, looking, northwest from the road

Staging lanes spectator side, looking northwest from the road

Starting line, looking southwest from the road

Looking down track from the road

Aerial view of US30 Drag Strip

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