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Looking for an old racing buddy?
Looking for the whereabouts of an old race car?

The purpose of this page is to offer a place to post a request for information on locating a former racing buddy, photos or the whereabouts of a particular race car or memoribilia.

If you have any information on the people or cars indicated, contact me at grc46250@juno.com and I will forward that information to the requester.

This page will be continuously updated. Please come back soon to see how it progresses.

U.S. 30 Drag Strip

Name of Person / Race CarDescriptionRequester
Sour GrapesWilly's gasser and/or Charger funny carGene Carlson
Ron Maschke / "Hydro-Phobia"Blue 1954 OldsNeal Maschke
Jerry Tvrdik / "Animal"B/Dragster #111Jerry Tvrdik
Greg Witz (son of Roy Witz)Witz, Traylor & Zink Team TF DragsterMark Traylor (son of Bill Traylor)

In addition to looking for Greg Witz, Mark Traylor would like to learn the whereabouts of his father's 31 Bantam Coupe called "The Animal". Here are a few of the specs on it:

Owner/Driver: Bill Traylor, Wichita Kansas
Date: 1961 thru 1963
Car: 1931 Bantam Coupe
Color: Red Candy with gold undercoat
Body Built by: Dave Stuckey, Wichita Kansas
Chassis: 2" square aluminum tube
Best known run in 1963: 8.19 seconds @ 191mph (has time slip)

Car was sold to Roy Witz in 1964. It was painted blue and run with a small block Chevy thru 1964. The car was sold again in 1965.

Left side of car

Right side of car

Mark would also like photos or information on any of the following dragsters:

Car: "Spirit" AA/FD
Owner: Bob Murray & Bruce Dodds
Driver: Arnie Behling

Car: Traylor Enginering's "Chicago Missile"
Owner: Bill Traylor & Don Colosimo
Driver: Don Colosimo

Car: Traylor Engineering Special
Owner: Tinker Wakefield
Driver: Cliff Zink

Indianapolis Raceway Park

Name of Person / Race CarDescriptionRequester

Tucson Dragway

FOUND!!! Awaiting photos of this car from Tom & Gail Edwards.

Name of Person / Race CarDescriptionRequester
Tom & Gail Edwards / "Outa-Sight"Camaro Jr Pro Stock 1970-1973Gene Carlson

Bee Line Dragway

Name of Person / Race CarDescriptionRequester


Name of Person / Race CarDescriptionRequester
Topletz-Higginbotham-Tomlinson (THT Racing)"50" 1968 Factory Dodge Dart / Challenger / DemonDennis Topletz

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