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10th February 2003
I had a pleasant e-mail recently from Mrs Dicpetris, saying thanks for helping to keep Linkuva on the map and for remembering her late husband Algis.

11th February 2003
discovered by accident about 6 guestbook entries that I had not seen before, hidden away in another folder! Sorry folks, but have now added them, and archived them too. A Message from Tricky (Richard Lockhart) one from my Dad who has same name and an especially good one From Audrone. Audrone was a Russian Teacher at school in Linkuva, and I think lived in Petrasunai, near Linkuva. She emigrated to USA in about 1997, having won in the green card lottery. HELLO AUDRONE, I remember you! E-mail me, I am pleased to hear from you again!

This is photo from Teachers Day in 1994. Third from the left is Audrone!

24th February 2003
Have added a Contents Page and amended all links back to it. The links back to the Contents Page appear at the bottom of each page (mainly). This makes it easier to flick through to the end for all you people who have already read the start. I have also moved the Counter. It was sitting at 235 hits for the first month. Less than 5 weeks till I go to Lithuania. No new stories added last week, but I am planning to get page 6 started this week with new stories. My Airija CD didn't arrive last week-end, but I did get a book of photos comparing Vilnius 100 years ago to now.

26th February 2003
Page 6 started with new stories and pictures. Also added another story to bottom of page 5

15th March 2003
Added Stories to the bottom of pages 5 and 6, with a few new photos. Also added to page two, my top ten favourite Lithuanian albums! My friend Douglas is just out of hospital after a major operation, so my wishes go to him this week. In two weeks time, I will be living it up in Vilnius! Scoatland still haven't picked their team to play Lietuva on April 2nd but I am confident we will win!

27th March 2003
36 hours to go until I head to Vilnius and Birzai. No updates recently as been very busy, but on my return, there will be new photos and new stories! Take care and I will be thinking of all my friends and family while in Lietuvos Respublika!

The block of flats I lived in, Ezero Gatve (Lake Street) Pasvalys, with Rey and Laisvidas, 1994

14th April 2003
Got back from a very cold Lithuania yesterday after a very good time in Vilnius, Birzai and Linkuva. Scotland lost!! Have started page 7, where the story of the last two weeks will appear. Only a couple of photos at the moment, and can't see any text appearing before next week-end at the earliest.

18th April 2003
The counter is shooting up and I'm too busy at work and catching up with friends to get the story of 2003 in the 'Uva on paper!! Hopefully over the next week I can get things down for you, the trips to Linkuva, the renovations on Basanaviciaus Gatve, the mayhem of following the Tartan Army (including a wasted trip to Kaunas, and Tricky's Stag night. For now a photo will have to do!

25th April 2003
The following is an extract from an e-mail I received today from Bernadeta Dicpetriene. Only mistake is that I wasn't a Peace Corps Volunteer, but that's a minor error!

 Dear Malcolm,Thank you very much for your message and we are glad that you enjoyed your stay with us.This message was published in the newspaper Siauliu krastas by Irena Manciauskiene.
A Scotsman has visited his former acquaintances
The Peace corps volunteer Malcolm Cameron has recently visited our school. He has come to Lithuania as a fan for the football team of Scotland and to visit the people, who he still can't forget.Meeting with the pupils and teachers Malcolm was very satisfied seeing great changes at school. He told us about himself, his  family and work. Two months ago he produced a surprise to the people of Linkuva having created the  webmaster page in  which there are photos and recollections about the time, spent in Linkuva and Pasvalys. The important material will be of great use to our school chronicle.The students are interested in the Scot's impressions about his life and work..

Vilnius Cathedral and Bell Tower, 12th April 2003

07 May 2003
New Story of my trip to Linkuva last month added

03 November 2003
Sorry! Nothing new added for months. I have been off work ill for several months and so have not been in the mood to add anything, but am now better so hopefully I can get things going again! Had a very exciting week in Edinburgh when James' friends Liutauras and Elena came over on their honeymoon. We spent the week partying and showing them the sites of Edinburgh and Scotland, so look forward to telling the story and showing some of the photos!
>br>23 May 2004
More Sorrys! I have been neglecting this site and promise to try to find time soon to get things up to date! I still haven't been able to get the story of Last year's visit down, or the story of the two sets of our friends who came to see us in Edinburgh, Liutauras and Elena last autumn, and last month Krista and Gediminas. I am off to Lithuania on 12th of June for two weeks so surely after I get back, I'll find time to get all this down, with some new photos etc!

3rd July 2004
Just back from Lithuania. Accidentally deleted April 2003 page, so have replaced with June 2004 page, with new photos of the great time I had with the gang in Vilnius, Birzai and Panevezys!

12th February 2005.
Sorry, no updates since last summer. I really am a lazy b. Nw Year to all! News, Arturas has been over to Scotland twice since last summer, met up with him a few times in Edinburgh. Have recently been in London visiting Kristina and Osvaldas, had messages from a few people who have visited the site, and best news of all, will be heading to Lithuania in july, hopefully for Kriste and Gediminas' wedding! roll on summer! Apart from taht all well. I won't make any promises about updates as have made them before but never kept them, but have still got many photos I would like to post, if only I could get the damn scanner to work!

2nd June 2005
News: My sister and her husband are here from New Zealand, so it has been a busy time. My mother was 60 and retired last week, so we had a big party. My sister Aileen and i took Jennifer and Steve up to Skye for a few days as well. We stayed with my pal nick and his wife Jacqui and their kids. I really must get some photos of them onto the site soon! Steve got a trip round RAF Leuchars yesterday and got to sit in the cockpit of a phantom jet plane! Jen goes home on Wednesday. Spike is here too for those who have seen his "secret" photo on the site. I am flying to Lithuania on August 6th for two weeks, spending the first week in Vilnius and te second in Birzai. I hope everyone reading is well. I won't insult you with more promises of photos etc! In the meantime you will have to make do with a photo of my holiday to France last summer with a message for anyone fed up of waiting for photos!

26nd August 2005
Got back less than a week ago from Lithuania. What a great time I had! I spent a week in Vilnius, staying with Liutauras and Elena, followed by a week in birzai. The first week, the weather was bad, raining. Was met at the airport by Liutauras, Elena, Arturas, Krista, Gediminas and their 5 month old daughter Gilda. It was pouring rain. On the Sunday we went to see Dvarai (estates with ruined palaces) in the Salcininkai region of southern Lithuania, including a trip to Dievaniskis in the appendix of Lithuania that pushes into Belarus. On the Monday we went kayaking near Birstonas. On the Wednesday we went and took the baths in Birstonas. On Friday, we went to Kaunas and saw Ninth Fort and other sights and spent the weekend at a Sodyba (dacha) near Ukmerge. Then I spent a week in gorgeous sunshine in Birzai with Ewen, Saule, Rebecca and Catriona. Also met up with Si and his wife Agne and kids Kai and Ursa, which was much appreciated. I will try to put the full story with photos on file as soon as I can, but I have no CD drive to download all the photos at present. Unfortunately, I had no time to visit Vilma in Panevezys, Dainius in Siauliai or Mr & Mrs Sidlauskas in Linkuva. A special mention to Nick Small and his family, especially Charlotte, from Skye in Scotland. They haven't any connection with Lithuania other than me, but I reckon Nick must account for most of the hits on my site, so I promise, one day, the kids will get a photo on my site, along with the friends' kids already on there!

The Gang in Vilnius 2007: Mum, Elena, Arturas, Liutauras and Kristina

31 July 2006
I am so very sorry! I have not written anything in the last year, my computer was broke, but I have now got a new one! My mother and I (it is her First Visit!) are going to Lietuva on the 11th August for a week, so we are really looking forward to the whole experience! Anyone who has writen to me recently via the website, I am sorry for not replying, now I am back on-line hopefully, I will not be so remiss in future!!

A photo from last year's visit, at the Belorussian Border near Deivaniskes with Arturas and Gediminas

24 January 2007
Happy New Year! My Mother and I made it to birzai for 10 days in August. Had a very good time indeed. Then in December we were in New Zealand for 3 weeks over Christmas visiting my sister. We had a great time visiting Te Kuiti, Rotorua, New Plymouth, Whangamomona, Tongariro, Marokopa, Waitomo and many other exciting places, hope to upload photo's soon! Was also in York last week for a couple of days. Quite the Jet-setter. This years visit to Birzai already quite far on in the planning. Liutauras and Elena had their first son this week, so congratulations to them.

Mum at the Hill of Crosses 2006

Saule,Gediminas,Me and Anzelika Birzai 2006

25 May 2007

Flew to Riga on the 9th of May and spent the week with Ewen Saule Rebeka and Catriona in Birzai. Met up with Anzelika and Vytis, and spent a day in Panevezys, but apart from that just spent the week lazing in Birzai. Weather was cold and wet, but enjoyed it as usual, drinking lots of Utenos Euro Expert beer! Am going back to Birzai in August and hoping to spend some time in Vilnius. Have been trying to upload some new photo pages but Geocities dont seem to want to play. Will persevere.

August 2007
Just back from my second visit to Lithuania this year. Was in Riga, Bauska, Skaistkalne (all Latvia), Birzai, Vilnius, Klaipeda and Nida, including my first ever visits to Kalvariju, The Pushkin House and the Green Lakes in Vilnius, as well as Nida, a train journey from Vilnius to Klaipeda and a whole host of amazing days. Marvellous holiday, just hot and amazing.
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