Rick Moranis was born on April 18, 1953 in Toronto Ontario, Canada. As a kid he enjoyed watching "The Flinstones" with his family. When Moranis was in high school, he began working part time at a radio station. Over the next few years, he was in and out of school and finally went on the air at station CFTR. This was one of Moranis' first on-air jobs as an announcer, disc jockey and host of his own political satire and comedy programs. In 1975, he began performing stand-up comedy on stage at Harbourfront with Jean Taylor's group. He moved briefly to Los Angelas, continuing to do stand-up comedy. He than returned to Toronto to both write and act in radio and Television for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Moranis then wrote a special for Juno Awards, Burton Cummings Specials and a film for the ACTEA Awards. He appeared on Canadian national televison on the Alan Hamel Show, "90 Minutes Live", and wrote and performed two roles for CBS, "Midweek" and "1980". He joined Second City Television (SCTV) in 1980, and was the only member of the group who did not come to the show from the ranks of the Second City Stage Revue. In addition to his co-creation of "The McKenzie Brothers", he achieved recognition wide on NBC in April of 1981, and won Moranis an Emmy Award for Comedy Writing in 1982. In 1983, Moranis and Thomas wrote and directed the movie "Strange Brew". After SCTV and Strange Brew, Moranis has had a lot of roles in all kinds of movies.


Strange Brew- 1983
The Wild Life- 1984
Streets of Fire- 1984
Hockey Night- 1984
Ghostbusters- 1984
Little Shop of Horrors- 1986
Head Office- 1986
Club Paradise- 1986
Spaceballs- 1987
Parenthood- 1989
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids- 1989
Ghostbusters 2- 1989
My Blue Heaven- 1990
Honey, I Blew Up the Kid- 1992
Shelley Duvall's Bedtime Stories on Laser V.1- 1992
Shelley Duvall's Bedtime Stories V.3- 1992
Splitting Heirs- 1993
Little Giants- 1994
The Flinstones- 1994
Big Bully- 1996
Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves- 1997