Strange Brew

"Funny! Wild! Hyperactive! A fresh breath from north of the border!"

- The New York Post

Hey all you hosers out there- what's more fun than a six-pack of beer, a dozen donuts and a pound of back bacon? Like, Strange Brew, okay, starring Bob and Doug McKenzie (Rick Moranis of Honey, I Shrunk the kids and Dave Thomas) of SCTV fame. Thy've been called the "Cheech and Chong of Beer Drinkers" by New York Times likened to Laurel and Hardy by the Bergen Record. Not bad, eh?

All the McKenzie brothers want is a free case of beer and a quiet place to belch, so they put a mouse is a jar and go to the Elsinore Brewery to complain. There, they encounter a scheme to rule the world by contaminating Elsinore Beer with a mind-controlling chemical.

Do the McKenzie brothers make the world safe for guzzlers? Can Bob drink his way out of a vat filled with beer before he drowns? Okay, hosers, you'll have to see the movie, eh?


Rick Moranis as Bob McKenzie
Dave Thomas as Doug McKenzie
Paul Dooley as Claud Elsinore
Max Von Sydow as Brewmeister Smith
Lynne Griffin as Pam Elsinore
Angus Maclnnes as Jean LaRose
Tom Harvey as The Inspector
Douglas Campbell as Henry Green
Brian McConnachie as Ted
Len Doncheff as Jack Hawkland
Jill Frappier as Gertrude
David Beard as The Judge
Thick Wilson as The Prosecutor
Robert Windsor as Bailiff
Sid Lynas as Angry Man at Movie
Ron James as Man in Movie
Dora Dainton as Lady in Movie
David Clement as Man in the Alley
Paddy Sampson as Pensioner
Roger Dunn as Beer Store Clerk
Diane Douglass as Receptionist
Eric House as John Elsinore
J. Winston Carroll as Fire Chief
James Conroy as Bald Con
Glenn Beck as Prison Guard
Desh Bandhu as Parking Attendant
Ilija Ilijevski as M.C. at Oktoberfest
Mary Charlotte Wilcox as Nurse
Maggie Butterfield as Nurse
David Rigby as Policeman
Denis Forest as Policeman
John Kelly as Policeman
Dick Grant as Policeman
George Stinton as Policeman
Thom Bell as Orderly
Christopher Benson as Orderly
Mel Blanc as Mr. McKenzie (voice)
Hosehead as Hosehead