Hawaii's War
on the Homeless



"it is only through a change in human consciousness
that the world will be transformed"-
New Dimensions Radio


The US State of Hawaii persecutes its poor and homeless population. This is done under the pretext of so-called federal "welfare reform" law that has, in effect, gutted the entire welfare entitlement program for most hawaiian citizens since 11.26.06.

Regarding emergency food stamp allocation in the state of Hawaii, individuals are granted only 3 months of benefits during a 36 month (3 year) period, leaving the remaining 33 months with no assistance given whatsoever. This translates into a literal death sentence for the recipient. The US federal government and the state of Hawaii, therefore, have abrigated their responsibility and obligation to provide a social "safety net" for its poor, and particularily, its homeless population in this state.

As with my own situation, it is now possible for a homeless individual to be denied federal welfare assistance by the very organs of government (Hawaii's Dept of Human Services) who are, by mandate, in existence to assist the poor and homeless in our society.

This level of neglect, persecution and what can only be termed, "state violence" unleashed by the US state and federal governments against its own people has got to STOP now. The current WAR against the poor and homeless in America is highly counterproductive. Government must learn to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and meet their citizens halfway within the system, so citizens can make a positive contribution to society. In addition to providing food security, the state is obligated to provide temporary transitional housing and transportation assistance as well as designate "special disability" status to the homeless.

As a Global Environmentalist myself, i am specifically knowledgable in the area of GLOBAL WARMING, which is the #1 international security threat on Earth in 2008, and which will have a very real impact on the physical and economic landscape of the Hawaiian Islands in the immediate years ahead. People like myself are desperately needed within the system to help transit our society into a sustainable, alternative energy, green and environmentally friendly based economy for the 21st century. If the state of Hawaii continues to turn away global environmentalists like myself, then Hawaii will only reap the inevitable consequences of its actions. Dengue fever, malaria and other insect borne disease vectors will enter and proliferate in our state. Torrential floods and devastaing droughts in certain area of the islands will expand in scope and geography. We will see a rise in sea levels which will impact a good portion of our pristine shorelines. And, of course, an increase in the frequency and intensity of Pacific typhoons (hurricanes) is foreseeable and high probable. All of the forementioned will most likely cost the state of Hawaii countless lives and untold billions of dollars in the very near future.

The level of consciousness needed to REFORM our current broken and highly dysfunctional welfare system into actually meeting the needs of its citizenry is the VERY SAME level of consciousness, care and compassion that is now REQUIRED in order to save our planet from the supreme threat of Global Warming. The 2 issues are inseperable, there is no division. The personal is the political is the planetary.

REAL welfare reform, therefore, is the very key to Global Survival. Let no one doubt for a minute that the WAR for the planet has begun. Its time for the state of Hawaii and the mainland states to collectively rise to the occassion to not only meet the needs of its own citizens, but to work to secure the national as well as the global homeland so that ALL may navigate through and survive the tumultuous waters that are now beginning to rock our world.


Steve Jones
Global Environmentalist
Homeless in Hawaii
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