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Trophy Winners 2006-2007
Congratulations to the following bowlers or teams who have won the following trophies for this league season.
Scratch Division
League Champions: Strike Zone
                                 Mark Hodds & Liam Baker       258 pts
League Runners-Up: Dont Know
                                 Matthew Anniss & Chris Ball    210 pts
League 3rd Place: Bad Boys
                              George Matthews & Liam Gates  200 pts
League 4th Place: Dont Care
                              Natalie Smith & Andrew Wright  172 pts
High Game Female: Rachel Hodds  223                            
High Game Male: Mark Hodds        247
High Series Female: Rachel Hodds  568
High Series Male: Mark Hodds        636
High Game Team: Strike Zone
                              Mark Hodds & Liam Baker     438
High Series Team:  Strike Zone
                              Mark Hodds & Liam Baker      1180
Handicap Division
League Champions: Lightning
                                 Joseph Aldred & Ross Mercer   198 pts
League Runners-Up: Dont Know
                                 Matthew Anniss & Chris Ball    163 pts
League 3rd Place: W3 15 734 1337
                              Karl Smith & Gary Haddon          160 pts
League 4th Place: Strike Zone
                             Mark Hodds & Liam Baker           150 pts
High Game Female: Hannah Lawrence    291
High Game Male: Ashley Bayes               274
High Series Female: Hannah Lawrence    719
High Series Male: Joseph Aldred              745
High Game Team: Dont Care
                              Natalie Smith & Andrew Wright       515
High Series Team: Woteva Nigel
                            Hannah Lawrence & Lesley Brown  1385
Female High Average: Rachel Hodds      165
Male High Average: Mark Hodds            183          
Special Awards
Maggie Wilson Award: Hannah Lawrence
Bowler's Bowler of the Year: Mark Hodds
Gwen Clack Award: Joseph Aldred
Special Acheivement: Lesley Brown(Represented England)
Leavers Award: Mark Hodds(Junior Bowler 1994-2007)
House Championships
Female Winner: Hannah Lawrence
Male Winner: Thomas Major                             
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