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Funny Bowling Clips
While looking on talktenpin.com the other day, I stumbled across some very funny bowling clips on youtube. Here are some links to these videos to show you the lighter side of bowling, showing even the professionals muck up some times!!All videos open on youtube-to get back to this site, just click back on your browser bar.
A collection of Bowling Bloopers
If you thought Michael's shot on Lane 1 was bad into the roof...
Another roof shot!
Weber Cup 2006-Under the chairs trick shot gone wrong!
A "professional" bowler
This is just ridiculously good-the backwards bowler
Craziest advert for the Toyota RAV4 you'll ever see
Jeremy Clarkson,James May,a shopping trolly and some Pins
This is what you call a 7-10 pick up!
Street Bowling-a 180 degree strike!
Neg's Urban Sports-Human Skittles from the Channel 4 series "Balls of Steel"
American Broadcaster Fox Commercial: If Bowling were hockey...
Spinning Ball Spare Conversion-Crazy trick shot!
Up the ramp, over the balls, strike!
Over a chair?!!
And to finish, some actual quality-Paul Moor with a 300