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Here are some quotes from Bowlers/Parents that were either silly,funny or both!If you have any more please e-mail them to me and i will put them on here!
Liam Baker-On the 10th frame, Mark Hodds bowled a 7 on the
                    1st ball so Liam says:
"Spare it up mate and you'll
get another go!"
Rachel Hodds-
The classic quote everyone refers to!When     
                        bowling at Tamworth in the team event,Matthew
                        Anniss left 3 pins after his 1st ball.Rachel says:
   "And the 7 Matty!"
Mark Hodds-
After bowling a wide ball that left 3 standing he
                      turn round and said:
"If i'd ave put that in the
                      pocket I would have got a strike!"
Karina Johnson-At the 2007 EJO At Nuneaton, Mark and
                          Rachel's names were put in incorrectly as
                          "Hobbs" and Karina said:

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