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Trophy Winners 2006-2007
Congratulations to the following bowlers or teams who have won the following trophies for this league season.
Scratch Division
League Champion: Ben Carlton         125 pts
League Runner-Up: Bradley Mercer  114 pts
League 3rd Place: Allen Barrett         101 pts
League 4th Place: Rhys Matthews       65 pts
High Game Male: Bradley Mercer/Allen Barrett    170

High Series Male: Ben Carlton  421
Handicap Division
League Champion: Bradley Mercer    106 pts
League Runner-Up: Thomas Major       93 pts
League 3rd Place: Ben Heanan             82 pts
League 4th Place: Ben Carlton             69 pts

High Game Male: Bradley Mercer      272

High Series Male: Thomas Major        722
Male High Average: Ben Carlton/Allen Barrett    106                           
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