Well now, what are the most recent changes?
10/13I added the stadium seating for the Diamondbacks and a GREAT championship picture.
10/07I addd 3 new links, Snowglobe, Penguin and the Set daily puzzle, they should be fun and interesting at the same time, I hope that you enjoy them!
09/18Okay, I did everything differently, there is no confusing navigation, the links all work, and the pictures all work, WOW, it is a good day!
02/22I cleaned up some old links, changed the frames and non-frames pages a bit, and I am getting more links, quotes and pictures as we speak...updates all week this week!
11/12I added a Frames Page
11/12I added Aeneas Williams, Mike Devlin, Yusuf Scott, and Zack Walz.
11/03I have updated the Players and Stats Pages. I have also cleaned up the Geo banners from the bottom of the pages.