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Our Laying Hens I don't hatch chicks too often.  When I do, it's to re-establish my chicken head count.  I like to keep on hand approximately 40 productive layers, and 2 roosters for fertilizing eggs.  I use an incubator that will hold 20 large fertile eggs, or 15-16 jumbo fertile eggs.  Sometimes, not all of the fertile eggs hatch, which is why I fill the incubator to it's fullest.  At times when most of the eggs do hatch, and I don't need that many chicks, I will sell the remaining chicks (unsexed).  There are exceptions where I will do a hatch for someone.  Please call or send me an email to learn more about the incubating process and what you will need to take care of your newly hatched chicks.  The time it takes for a fertilized chicken egg to hatch is 21 days.

  • These photos were taken over the course of about 2 hours.

  • The chick will spend about 5 minutes pecking at the shell, followed by about 15-20 minutes of rest.

  • After the chick pecks about three-fourths of the way around the shell, it will start to break out.


Day Old 1-12
Unsexed Chicks $2.00 per chick
Pullets (when available) $8.00 each
Cockerels (when available) $7.00 each

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