Fools in our life
Righty - 0 folks this part is oviously about our friends ok then fools in our life.;

Ben: Ben is our mate at school hes alrite most the time but he is an idiot sometimes. He likes many  punk bands and of corse, the darkness!  He also likes skateboarding and bmxing hes pretty good on his skateboard lets just say he isn't brilliant but he aint naf! (?)

Dixy: Dixy is another friend at school and he likes greenday etc. well he must do cause he always sings 'em at school he likes skateboarding and bmxing and of course 'asterix'. We suppose you are thinking what do you mean by dixy well its just a nickname because his lastname is dix.

Gary: Gary likes mixed types of music including R'n' B, rock and other stuff. His intrests include gardening, skateboardinging, and watching t.v. (espesialy the simpsons)

Andrew/Fulton: Andrew likes to play chess, read, watch t.v. which has aldrin o'hanlon, practice on his skateboard and scooter, and tells his friends storys about his brother getting stuck under the boiler ect.  Is his skateboard ino ne peice? i wld say 90% of his life is textin remblance since he likes her so much

Peter: Yes another friend at school but hes a bit of a sport geek and realy likes donay clothing. He likes skateboarding and he dosent have a clue about music these days!  Well he likes greenday, we have a good laugh at him if he dont know what band we're on about!

Hillson: He enjoys talking, star wars, and watching the t.v, and of course being a prat he reminds dayfid of someone off dirty sanchez.  He enjoys having a fag lol.

Gail: Gail is the oldest of our friends she enjoys: dennis the mennis, harry potter, and cudly toy gorrilas!? She enjoys learning new skills for example learning new languages. Lastly we ALWAYS joke that gail has never grown up, so we call her 'the kid that never grew up' or 'gail bail lemon dale shreeeeeeeeeves'.

Joe:  Joe is a freind of dayfid and lookes at there new school!  He can be funny or sometimes an idiot (no offence joe) also he likes hitting people like me and looke with his stionry i think thats his interests!!

Kev:KEv is another skool m8 who is like a sounds effect machine!  He enjoys mountain biking and hes good at it too!  THats about it for him.  Also enjoys fag

Mullins/mullet: dont worry about the name that is nickname!  He likes skateboarding etc.    

Laura: Laura has a tendancy to shout random things. She always has a laugh. But we sometimes wonder about her sanity. She is prone to doing odd, odd thing. She also wants us to say that she is a big flirt!

Cassie: Cassie is violent, to say the least.  Dayfid: yer....

Jonny/ shift-e:  I dunno if he minds me putting him on ere, woops but yer jonny likes punk music and a bit of rap, well, really he got me into punk, cheers!