Dragonfly nymphs
Yes this is the part of the site where you find out about dayfid and lookes fave insect called the Dragonfly Nymph. We will try to give you a resonable taste of the insect without puttiing it in ya mouth.So enjoy!

Dragonfly Nymphs have a flat underside and 2 large eyes just like a normal adult dragonfly. There stomach is normally stout and a diamond shape, these specific Dragonfly Nymphs do not have a tail like other insects such as the Damselfly, Mayfly or the Stonefly Nymph. There body length is normally about 1 inch and the legs may seem long and people may say that they look like spiders. They live in parts of the river where all the water plants grow this is like the Damselfly nymph. The dragonfly nymph may also live in the calmer parts of the stream.