The hunt is on!
Do you see the man in the background...good. He has a desiese that makes his nose woble, as you can see. He went round to his friends house and he forgot to take his medisene, if he dosent get the medicien soon his nose will drop off!

You have to find him before this happens,o.k.  Remember this is him
Click here and then click on print, and then back.

every time you click on a room, or link, mark one in the tally.
every time you are told to pick something up write it down in the "intems picked up"section.
every time you are told your health has gone down, put a tally in the equivelant to the number of health points you have lost.
Every time you see the the words "grrrr you damn kid" put a tally in the reseedents anger area

When you see this--------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
it will take you to the home page.

now that is sorted out you can