Knock knock,
Whos there,
Cows go,
Cows go who,
Cows go moo not who!
Why did the monkey fall over,
because it was asleep.
why did the dog fall over,
because it was stapled to the monkey.
Why did the tree fall over,
bcause he thought it was a game!
Two cows are talking...
"are you woried about mad cow desise"
"why not"
"because I'm a duck!"
What do you get if you cross a sheep with a kangeroo?
A wooly jumper!
Whats the difference between a buffalo and a bison?
You cant wash your hands in a buffalo!
A man walks into a bar,
Why do girafes have long necks,
because they have smelly feet!
Why is little weed (the plant from bill and ben) always green?

Because bill and ben flob alot!
2 flys are playing football in a pan.

fly 1: weve got to play better next time were playin in the cup!
Knock, knock
Whos there?
Boo who?
Its only me no need to cry!