Yes, I am *Dayfids* sister...

... Welcome to my page of this website... wow, i feel so lucky to have a page on here! :O...

Music, yes I like this.  Many a band, so I cant list them all, heres a few;

- Weezer
- Finch
- The Strokes
- Coldplay
- Feeder
- The Thrills
- Athlete
- The Darkness

I like other music aswell, such as Pink, Destinys child, etc...

There are also some excellent local bands that are pretty cool too, check out there sites;

- Borderline
- Sprokit
- Loveburger
- Firstwords
- Golddigger
- Manboob
- The Wans

(not all have websites)

I also like playing sports;

- Netball
- Swimming
- Hockey
- Rounders
- Tennis
- Football
- and loads more...
Im a random person, also known as a *comical genius* to my friends (aw shucks u guys! lol)  Pretty wild person I tell you...  hey, i bought a plastic goldfish from a day out in Londo, how random can you get!

I love animals, cats especially, and dogs.

Im a creative person, i love art and textiles... oooh pretty sutff...

My fave colours are pink and purple
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