Mouse! My favourite...
Sailor Iron Mouse

A watercolour of Iron Mouse in casual clothes with a very pinky/purply background.

A lil quickie of Iron Mouse as everyone's favourite I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Gangsta, Nezu!!

Another quick computer thing- this time of Mouse in all her Senshi regailia.

She's happy! (Used at Artistic Cyphers, as the sign-guestbook graphic.)

She's repressing psychotic grief! (Used at Artistic Cyphers as the view-guestbook graphic.)

A just-plain-silly pic of mousie being the Grinch, which explains the very poor quality.

A doodle I did on last year's crappy holiday of Mousie and Jamapi, the demon with a writing career to persue. Um, yeah.

Doodle practice!!!! I have a slow breakdown on paper!

More doodle pracitce, with lots of demonic Mousie heads...

Goofy, scary picture of Iron Mouse doing her take on Xelloss' catchphrase; "Sore wa himitsu desu" It's Sore wa Himit-Chuu desu!! See? See? Hahahahahahaha!!

A silly picture of Mousie having a close encounter with my favourite Discworld character, the Death of Rats.

A picture of Mousie posing as an angel-cherub thing, with a different take on computer colouring.

Er, um, yeah. This took five minutes to do everything, and boy, it shows.

Another quickie of Mousie's chibi-head. She's happy to be there.

Finally, a fan-fic inspired art! Last summer Vanessa-chan and I did a scary clash of Reality TV, and Sailormoon villains. (The two great evils of this world,) and this is how Mousie fared stranded on a desert island with Crow.

A quick pen-pencil sketch of Nezu-san looking diabolically eeeeevil.

A sketch of Mousie's head, and probably the most shoujo-esque thing I've done in a long while...

It's that veritable HAMMER of justice, Sailor Chuu!! (Notes, this does not show up in the manga, you pedants...) Instead, it's more of a flight of fancy. Here, she poses with her chibi counterpart.

One of my favourite drawings in all of the galleries- I didn't work all that hard on it, but it really turned out the way I wanted. It's Mousie looking adorable and winking to the camera...

Creepy manga-anime hybrid alert!! I just did manga eyes and it went from there.

Another stormy, dramatic picture of Mousie. (One of her attacks, perhaps.) She looks mightily pissed at whoever she's attacking, so I wouldn't like to be them right now...

A version of the pic above without the background, because the lining looks better and the colours more vibrant without it.

My Moulin-Rouge fandom seeps through! If you've seen that movie, you'll note that when the Bohos drink absinthe they get high and see Green Faries- here's Mousie as a genuine Absinthe Fairy! Step aside, Minogue.

A freaky picture of Chibi Nezu in watercolours.

Mousie gives an interview on Survivor: SMV!! (This was originally part of an animated movie.)

Merry Christmas!! Another Survivor SMV fanart, although, this time it's the seasonal sequel, which Vanessa and I are currently writing.

Happy Valentine's too! Mousie is without her date, so instead she blurs fact and fiction...

Finally, I have some decent mouse art handy!! Based loosely on a manga version of Mousie, she mugs the camera and ponders.

A regular picture of Chibi Mouse, with a distinct lilac flavour.

The first of three commissions for Cat & Mouse- A Tin Nyanko and Mousie shrine. Here are a few chibis.

The design that was used in the main layout- Nyanko and Mousie- Doujinshi style!!

My personal favourite of all the drawings I did for Cat & Mouse. They're so pally!

An extremely quick sketch of Mousie out on the grass, enjoying nature.

More of Mousie in nature- Here she looks innocent and shows her bum off.

Weird pic of Jou *fanfic character* all smitten with Mousie. She wouldn't be so unenthusiastic if she saw his human form, though...

Quick doodle-let of Chibi Sailors Mousie and Nyanko

Mousie in a different style looking wide-eyed and happy.

A crappy doodle of Mousie

Another crappy doodle

And another!

A sloshed Nezu hits the bars! Freaky......

Nezu feels good to be alive. :P

I'm proud of this one. A full-length Mousie leaps into *lilac* space.

Happy Birthday, Mouse Mania! Two years of the ice-cream haired one obsessively celebrated online!

A little sketch of Mousie looking happy.

Mousie in a binkini! (And look, it's a GOOD drawing!* gasp*)

Crazy little doodle done in Corel Painter.

A chubby cheeked-pencil Mousie head next to a chibi.

A doodle I'm rather fond of. <3