it was, it is, and will continue to be ONLY GREEK.!!!

Alexander the Great wrote and spoke only Greek. Thousands of proofs there are in the history. The "one" who will not accept it, is not a human but a Cannibal and humanity's killer.


  I am not afraid to die. I am only afraid if i will die before to have fight first !!!

  JOHN FRAGOULIS.  Bookwriter about Greek and generally human's rights.



Asking pottery job


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The *OLYMPIAN* Ceramic Industry was established in 1986 in Piraeus, Greece. The basic kind of our products are Touristic souvenirs as mini ancient style statues, wall terracottas, museum copies of vases and plates, hand-finished with scenes existing in museums. Hand-made vases containing famous perfumes (channel 5, lulu, poison, noir, anais, etc.). Our Industry can also create religious ceramic icons, ceramic pots for flowers and many other goods, as well as exclusive ideas of our customers.

The superior construction and appearance of our products in conjunction with their low price brings *OLYMPIAN* Ceramic Industry among the top exporters in Europe.

For your orders, please contact us through this web page and we will send you as soon as possible a full-color sample booklet or a CD, showing all of our products and their respective prices.


Thank you.