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Hello everybody! After a long time, at last, I'm creating my own web site where all of you can find a lot of information about me. Below you can see photos of some of the projects I have been involved so far.
A car wash at the highway Athens-Salonica, 40Km from Athens situated near the station 'Seirios', as it can be seen at the centre photo, where drivers can stop and relax. It is a steel stucture with a total surface area approximately 550m2.
This is a building inside my former
school 'Athens College' in Psychico, which I designed together with my
sister. It is used as a place where all alumnus can meet and chat and it's name is 'SAKA' for those who know.
Photos  from the interior
This is a building at the centre of Athens, near Monastiraki, for which I did the calculations in   order to be renovated.It is a masonry structure and it's use is for shops and appartements.
A multi-storey building at Palaio Faliro. It was my first work when I finished my studies for which I did the design calculations for the addition of 2 extra floors.
A complex of  industrial buildings and offices at Oinofita, near the highway Athens-Salonica, 50Km from Athens, with a total surface area 22,000m2. Construction is completed.     
     A villa near Athens.
Construction is nearly in the end.