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My name is Kathy. I am 43 years old and have Cystic Fibrosis.
On the CF support groups I am known for my "TALES" from the Greek girl posts. So, it's only fitting my web page should be named the same. Let me tell you a little bit about CF and me. Cystic Fibrosis is an inherited lung disease that one is born with. Each parent must carry the CF gene in order for someone to have CF.  It affects mainly the lungs and the pancreas. It can also affect many other parts of the body as well.  I have CF-related Arthrits and Reflux disease to name a few.

I was  diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at the age of three. After my diagnosis, my parents were told I would not live past the age of eight. As the years passed along with many birthdays, the doctors stopped guessing about my mortality.

Growing up:
I was blessed with great parents!!
My Mother and Father didn't treat me any different than my brother and sister. Growing up, there were and still are endless breathing treaments and IV antibiotic therapies to keep my CF in check. Let me tell ya, CF can be a real hassle when it acts up and wants to be noticed but I was brought up to be strong, deal with my CF and go on about my life. One thing I can say for sure is, my mother did not let me whimp out while growing up.
Thanks Mom and Baba!!

My family and friends:
I am grateful that I have the never ending love and support from a wonderful caring family and lots of understanding and compassionate friends. Life is good!! I hope to keep enjoying my life and not to mention, keeping all the doctors guessing about my mortality for years to come.

A Dream come true:
I was so lucky to find the  love of my life,
my soul mate and my very best friend, Peter.
What was once a dream of getting married, is now a beautiful reality.

Lung Transplant List
With much thought and soul searching,  I have gone through
pre- transplant testing.  I was put on the UNOS list at Brigham and Women's hospital in Boston as of Septmebr 11, 2003.
Wish me luck.

Have you told someone lately that you love them?
Today would be a really  good day to do that.
Enjoy life!!!

With love as always
Kathy Sokaris - Atzemis

My wish for you all
Savor the moment and enjoy the day!!!!
My Favorites!
Organ Donation
Lung Transplant
CF website
Norma's CF Website
Angel's Tupperware
Yankee Games
Carole McMillan 1960-2003
My passions
The computer.
Helping out  at Church functions.
Hiking the nature trails.
My Family and friends.
My kitty children:

( Miss Hazel)
My Website is dedicated to the memory of my mother,  Barbara.
May her memory be
"TALES" from the Greek girl
God Bless our troops
My CF soul sister and best friend.You will
be remembered always.Breathe free my friend
and fly high among the Angels from up above.
Until we meet again. With Love, Kathy

(Sir Baxter)
(Lady Emma)