Campaign to De-Criminalize the Worship of the 

Greek Gods in Greece - and the Preservation 

of the Diverse Religions of the World


This site is being reviewed and updated.

February 2008

This campaign has now changed its emphasis somewhat so as not to address purely the difficulties the worshippers of the Greek Gods (counted in many thousands) face in modern Greece - but to look at these problems in the broader context of religious freedom generally in society. It is felt that this new "state of mind" is more positive than the more "insular" approach of just looking at our own problems. Indeed, a more tolerant world for everybody is really what this campaign is now about, although of course, the main area of focus will still be the problems of the Greek Gods worshippers in Greece.

This website is also being reviewed and updated in view of the many changes (mostly positive) that have been happening over the last few years in Greece in respect to these issues. It is important now to consider which remaining issues effect followers of the Hellenic religion specifically, and which others although important, are civil liberties of interest to the wider community in general. For example, if we take the issue of cremation of the deceased and compulsory religious education in schools, this might well be of concern to many sectors of the Greek population including even those without much religious faith at all. Many people outside of the followers of the Greek Gods (perhaps even some of our many Christian friends) might prefer to be cremated and not see religious dogma taught in schools. In these circumstances therefore it might well be better and more sensible to try and address such issues through the wider civil community rather than a purely "intolerance to the Greek Gods worshipers" approach.

Similarly, some followers of the Greek Gods in Greece feel that the ancient Greek temples should be available for their own use for worship whenever and however they wish. On the other hand, many other followers, like the majority of the wider Greek population, see these temples as important and "fragile" archaelogical and heritage sites which should be protected and preserved. There seems therefore to now be a need for a sensible discussion and compromise with all the parties involved in these matters rather than just "protests and claims of intolerance".

For the reasons suggested above, and several more like these, this website is now being carefully and slowly reviewed and updated from time to time. Apologies for any inconvenience caused for the brevity of information now posted here. However, anyone wishing to get more information on the specific issues in Greece as regards religous intolereance and inequality is welcome to contact us on the email below and we will try to answer your inquiry as best we can with the latest information and status.

May we take this opportunity to thank all those of you from many countries, and indeed from many religious faiths and traditions who have emailed us with your kind messages of support over recent years.

Demonstration and Parade for the Preservation of the Religions of the World

Landmark Legal Decision On Religious Freedom In Greece

(Athens News March 7th 2008)