A few words about me and "Greek Jungle" . This site is a project of mine. My real name doesn't matter since this project is an attempt to improve my web design skills since I am a Greek student that had to leave my country in order to pursuit my dream of studying what he wanted. To do so I had to come in the UK. What I found out when I came here wasn't exactly what I dreamed but I managed to overcome even myself sometimes so eventually everything was fine.

This site is dedicated to all students that had to leave Greece for another country. Greece isn't the most supportive country but we still love you.

But that's enough about me. Lets see what this site is about. This site is an attempt to put together all Greek sites of importance, currently online so that someone with minimal or no knowledge about web can visit. Also this site can help even the most sophisticated users surf the Greek web since all sites are less than 3 clicks away :P

Thank you for visiting Greek Jungle and please vote us to the links below so we can continue our job.     

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