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Welcome to the (Un)Official web page of the Hellenic (Greek) Rainbow Family. Here you find information about Rainbow Gatherings in Hellas (Greece). Scroll down or pick something from menu on left. A hellenic version is also available. Namaste !

Last Update : June 2009


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Hellenic Rainbow Gatherings

There will NOT be a gathering in Greece this spring 2009.
Much love on your way and see you again next time.

- days until the next Greek Gathering

Many Other Rainbow Gatherings are happening and
The European Gathering 2009 will be in Ukrania.

Much love and inspiration to all.


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LOVE YOU for being in this planet together.

Save the Earth. It is the only planet with chocolate

We are part of the Earth and the Earth is part of us.
Earth does not belong to the man. Man belongs to the Earth.

As long as we continue to feed on sick soils,
the SPIRIT will not have the energy food to be free
from the limits of our material bodies.

Hellenic Gatherings History

October 1993 - First Gathering in Hellas - Preveli beach, Crete Island
October 1996 - ̥eting, circle - Tsivlou Lake, Aroania mountain, Peloponnese
April - May 1997 - 1st Hellenic Gathering - Gellini, Korinthia, Peloponnese
August 1997 - 15th European Gathering - Paiko mountain, Kilkis, Macedonia
September 1997 - 1st Hellenic Retreat Gathering - Likaio mountain, Arkadia, Peloponnese
October 1996 - "ʡrakaxes" ̥eting - Isari-Basta, Arkadia, Peloponnese
November 1997 - 2nd Hellenic Gathering - Sminos River, Lakonia
December 1997-January 1998 - Gathering of Bolos - Dimini, Magnisia, Thessalia
May 1998 - 3rd Hellenic Gathering - Xorefto beach, Pilio mountain, Magnisia
September 1998 - 4th Hellenic Gathering - Katafigio, Pieria mountain, Macedonia
March 1999 - Community meeting - Leontari and Kiparissia, Peloponnese
May 1999 - 5th Hellenic Gathering - Kalogria, Peloponnese
September 1999 - 2nd Hellenic Retreat Gathering - Pagontas, Evia island
October 1999 - 6th Hellinic Gathering - Pagontas, Evia island
June 2000 - 7th Hellenic Gathering - Kaiafas, Peloponnese
October 2000 - 8th Hellenic Gathering - Ikaria island
May 2001 - 9th Hellenic Gathering - Ancient Feneos, Peloponnese
September 2001 - 10th Hellenic Gathering - Oiti Mountain, Central Hellas
October 2001 - 3rd Hellenic Retreat Gathering - Peloponnese
June 2002 - 11th Hellenic Gathering - Milies, Pilio Mountain
September 2002 - 12th Hellenic Gathering - Kaiafas, Peloponnese
June 2003 - 13th Hellenic Gathering - Katafigio, Pieria
September 2003 - 14th Hellenic Gathering - Oiti Mountain
September 2004 - 15th Hellenic Gathering - Ikaria island
October 2006 - 16th Hellenic Gathering - Oiti Mountain, Central Greece
June 2007 - 17th Hellenic Gathering - Styga, Peloponnese
June 2008 - 18th Hellenic Gathering - Oiti Mountain, Central Greece

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For more rainbow links check the Australian WebPage (http://australia.rainbowinfo.ch/) links page : http://australia.rainbowinfo.ch/rainbowlinks/

Namaste !

Disclaimer : All texts are personal opinions. No individual or entity had or has the right to speak/write on behalf of the Rainbow Family of Living Light. European Family's Internet Consensus is still against Internet. The information on this webpage is to encourage mouth-to-mouth information spreading, which is the basic and the real way of the family, and NOT to replace it.

"The way up is the way down"
Hermes the TrisMegistos