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Here are some great links from across the web, which I think you should know about:-

Official Green Day Site - Packed full of Green Day stuff!

Awesome Rock - All the latest from the rock music world!

Official Foo Fighters Site - Tons of stuff about the Foo Fighters!

UK Green Day Site - More stuff located in the UK on the punk rock band Green Day!

The Karnak Hates Everything Show - Very, very funny. Check it out!

Dave Grohl's Best Kept Secret - A very funny fictional story about former Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters frontman, Dave Grohl!

Geffen - Check out everything going on in the music world at, the record label to so many of our favourite rock bands!

Official New Found Glory Site - Check out everthing happening with New Found here!

Proboards - Get your own forum!




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