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Great ideas for creative gardeners

Through stunning photography and informative text, this inspirational book shows gardeners how to combine stylish modern containers with planting arrangements to suit all sorts of locations and environmental conditions.

Whether you’re after a crisp, modern look or a more informal chic effect, Cool Containers explores a variety of exciting and unusual planters in every material, from metal to wood to synthetics. There are planting recipes to suit different container shapes and environments, be it a hot and sunny yard, a windy and exposed roof garden, or even for a dark passage between two houses. Advice on the changing seasons shows how you can replant existing containers to provide colourful arrangements at different times of the year.

Complete with sound advice on choosing your containers and selecting and caring for plants, this book puts a successful and adventurous gardening within everyone’s grasp.





Tracey Kirby
Last updated 23/05/2005