Everlasting Deprivation™

*sigh* You're probably wondering what this sight is supposed to be about. Frankly, I don't even know and its my website. I just started this thing to see what things I can do. I also thought it would be fun to have one, but it bites when you aren't the best at HTML and stuff like that. Thats why I'm taking a Web Desiging class right now, that should teach me how to make this piece of junk look pretty descent. I'm starting the class next week, so jsut bare with me till I start getting better in this stuff. Maybe then I'll figure out what I want thsi site to be about, rather than some Random mumbo jumbo.. 1/10/04

~Blank (a.k.a: xshe, Creater of E.D.!)

Set It Free
Twisting and turning
inside its burning,
churning and yerning
to be let out
just let it out.
Don't close up,
just open up.
Set it free.
So then you can breath.
You'll feel better once you let it out.

--Jamie a.k.a. Jimmie


-2/10/04: I'm starting my web designing class. Though, we are using friggin Imacs... which I don't have.. I've got a PC. Well, a computer that my dad has put together. though, I'm learning some really cool things..its jsut that, I'll only know how to do it on Imac. *snorts*

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