green balkan net

a network between the green parties and groups across the balkan region

...towards a sustainable future, a living nature, a peaceful world.

what is green balkan net?






The Green Balkan Net is a network between the green parties and groups across the Balkan region. It was established in 1999 in Athens. Green parties and groups from Greece, Turkey, Serbia and Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovnia, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia and Cyprus can be a part of the network. Mission of the Green Balkan Network is to facilitate the colloboration and cooperation of the Greens in the Balkan region. See Map of Balkan region


Meetings, joint declerations and a strong communication are the main working strategies.


Balkan Greens are also the participants of the European Federation of Green Parties.


See the Principles of Green Balkan Net.




Balkan Greens
acknowledge the principles of the global greens, commit themselves for implementing these principles and creating a regional partnership in support of their fulfillment in the Balkan's. These principles are;
Ecological Wisdom,
Social Justice,
Participatory Democracy,
Sustainability, and
Respect for Diversity.

Balkan Greens will work for building of democracy, peace and human rights, will promote the policies of sustainablity with the protection of biodiversity and nature, and will support preserving the multicultural structure of the Balkan region.