The Bunny Family

History of the Bunnies

Once upon a time there were three happy and beautiful bunnies.  One was pink, one was blue, and one was green. And they lived happily in the land of immense boredom. One day, they decided to turn all their friends into aminals as well, to flock with them and be happy forever, and to fight the horrible boredom. Soon, all the important people were bunnies and other cute aminals, and all the evil people became raccoons, and were shunned forever.

The Aminal Clique

The Bunnies:

* Pink Bunny is Laura, and her bunny hubby is Sean, the Blue Bunny. Their beautiful daughter, Alyssa Jade is the Purple Bunny.
* Green Bunny is yours truly, the ever powerful Venus Blue. I am also a squirrel. Squirrels are the greatest. Whoever I choose to be my next boy toy will be the Yellow Bunny.
* My 'dorable neice Falon is a baby squirrel, the best there is.
* Magic Sparkly Bunny is Lisa, also a Majestik Unicorn. She has no co-bunny at the current time, however applications for the Silver Bunny position are being accepted currently.
* Then there's Scott, the musical Grey Bunny, and Amber, the cooky Rainbow Bunny.
* There are also Pink Bunny's own personal aminals. Andre' is the necro bunny, Kevbo is the zombie bunny, Tammie is the spotted monkey frog, and Shawn is the black lion of nightmares.
* A few of the regulars from the Posting Board have worked their way into my heart, and into the bunny clan. They are bunnies unto themselves, and need no colors. They are D Bunny, Ali Bunny, and RyAn Bunny. Then there's the "official" bunnies. Kate, The Offical Eliza Bunny, Spacie, the Official Harry Potter Bunny, Melissa, the Official 6gig Bunny, Nate, the Official Bunny of Woo, Meltha, the Official Fanfiction Bunny, Bing, the official Riley Bunny, and Ally, the official Anthony Stewart Head Bunny (ASH Bunny). Also, Ann's baby Gabrielle is the official Buffy Bunny.


* There are two mice in boredom land, one baby mouse. There's Mike, the black and white polka dotted mouse, and Andy, the psychadelic mouse. Crystal is our navy blue baby mouse.
* Then there's Katrina, our multi-colored Caterfly, and April, the loveable if not a little crazy chihuahua. Sidney is our crazy little Fox, and Natalie our high-flying Buttefly. We live happily in boredom land, frolicking through the daisies singing tra-la-la.

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