Awards and Adoptions


I'm naming all the stars... Best unconventional ship ever I want them back! Who wouldn't?
Don't get hot and flustered...use a bit of mustard... Beverage of choice Beverage of choice Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Vampire Animals Yeah, she's all mine! Bunnies, it must be BUNNIES! I adopted Groo! I adopted Buffy Bot!
I love my girls I love my boys!
I happen to LIKE IT!


I know my Spike! I know my Season 1! I know my Season 2! I know my Season 3! I know my Anya! I know my Buffy! I know my Xander! I passed @ I know my Faith! I passed @ I passed @ I know my Willow! I know my Giles! I know my William! I know my B/A!
I know my quotes, do you? I know my BTVS, do you?


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