My name is Paul Mills.  Since the early 70s I have been involved in the television industry.  I started as a sound assistant and have worked my way up the ladder to finally owning my own production company.  During this time I have written for industry technical magazines, lectured at various colleges and universities and produced world first events.  As my own company grew, I found myself more and more involved in administration, which is not in my nature.  For me, taking pictures is my passion so I disposed of the company and I decided to semi-retire at the age of 49, and now live in Grahamstown, South Africa.  I do part-time lecturing at the Fine Art Department in Rhodes University, teaching students about the use of video as a medium for production of Art pieces.
I, however make no claims to being an artist, but I do have a good technical knowledge of the medium, which allows me to guide my students in the basics of good production value. 

I often say to my students that I would rather see something well shot and finished on a domestic format, than something produced poorly on a broadcast format.  If you're going to produce anything, then do it with your whole enthusiasm and passion, otherwise you will not only be fooling your audience, you will be fooling yourself which is far more serious.  The world is full of people, who have spent their whole lives fooling themselves, which is a great tragedy.

This is my best friend, his name is Sammy the Stud.  He is the smallest Miniature Schnauzer I have ever seen and my constant companion.  He is everyone's friend and the students love him.

Broomface (L) and Stinkychops (R). Broomy doesn trust anyone and Stinks is the brains of the family.

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