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This page contains all of the yBasic programs I have written in Palm Memo format, which is also to say, they're all less than 4,000 characters each. These programs can all be run from yBasic, if you Copy&Paste them into a new Memo as text, using your Palm Desktop software.

A lot of these programs were early experiments that I wrote while I was figuring out yBasic. Hopefully you will find them useful as you learn yBasic programming techniques.

These programs have all been tested (past tense) and should work according to my intent at the time. I will try to explain their existance as I go along. Some shouldn't need explanation, but if you have a question, send me an email.

As I'm looking at all these files again, I see some of my immature attempts at understanding how yBasic works. Now I know better, but remember, there are many ways to write a program (cliche: or skin a cat), as long as you get the desired result. Most of these programs are very simple, but some could have been even simpler. I'll leave the fine tooth combing to you... enjoy!

  • array test.bas - simple array test. (everything changed when I learned arrays!)

  • airliner.bas - example program that creates part numbers from user options. (see iConfig.bas)

  • button test.bas - demostrates yBasic button output.

  • button2.bas - slight tweak of HotPaw example program.

  • checkbox test.bas - an early checkbox test program.

  • color test.bas - (experimental) someone on the Yahoo Forum had a question regarding color, so I whipped up this concoction. it answered the question, but should only be ran on a Cray.

  • datetest.bas - simple fn date$(-1) and fn time$(-1) test.

  • db open and read test.bas - simple db open test, as described in yBasic documentation. (i think...)

  • dbCreator.bas (experimental, results may vary) - these next three db programs were an early attempt at writing my own database programs. currently I use DBOS for creating databases, but thought it would be cool if I could use some homemade software to do what DBOS does (and some things it doesn't). Please be careful with these files.

  • dbEdit.bas (experimental, results may vary) - see above for description.

  • dbKill.bas (experimental, results may vary) - see above for description.

  • droplist.bas - very early, overkill (alot of grafitti for a quick test) droplist test.

  • Eta calc.bas - an early "complete" program that calculates time left for car trips.

  • find text.bas - simple test program that demonstrates a cool fundamental of BASIC programming. (computers treat text as numbers. ex: "bob" equals "bob". "Bob" does not equal "bob").

  • fld test.bas - an early "form fld" test. Also demonstrates the famous yBasic s$(0), s$(1), ... built in array.

  • Fonedecipherer.bas (could need a little work) - a friend at work challenged me to write this one. I think it works rather well, but you'll have to give it a try.

  • iConfig.bas - template program that creates part numbers from user options. Add your own products and product options and your boss will give you a fat raise!

  • iConvert.bas (buggy) - a lb/psi to voltage/mA converter. I need to look at this again because though it works fine for standard ranges, when using unrealistic numbers, the math gets squirlly. This was a very early program for me, so I was excited just to see it work. (use at own risk).

  • lightcycles.bas (just started) - TRON lightcycle clone.

  • listbox test.bas - early, simple, listbox program.

  • loop test.bas - some kind of experiment, I think captures grafitti strokes during runtime.

  • movetest.bas - primitive program that scoots a word around the screen using software buttons.

  • MakePRC.bas - tweaked from HotPaw example program. Creates Palm PRC file that will appear in your launcher. Needs yBasic to run though. (see [downloads] for more on this subject).

  • pen test.bas - simple pen test.

  • printarraytest.bas - some sort of checkbox/array/loop test.

  • PATC.bas - Palm Air Traffic Control! Needs some work. Try to figure out how it works and the basic commands from the code. If you need more info, drop me an email.

  • Pixel convert.bas - simple pixels to inches to pixels converter program. maybe useful. could probably use some upgrading to include other conversion factors.

  • quittest.bas - quit test program that exits user all the way to the launcher instead of yBasic. a must when writing PRC files so that your software behaves like "other" apps when the user is done with your program.

  • Quad.bas - quadratic formula solver. (Also compiled as PRC. see [download] page on this website).

  • sub pass test.bas - simple sub routine test.

  • tickertest.bas - cool smooth scrolling ticker test that I'm going to use in my next Stock Market simulator.

  • timer test.bas - a gadget that tells time, date, battery volts. shows my time formatting technique, as yBasic only reports system time as a number (ie: 132706 = 1:27:06p)

  • Temperature.bas - a nifty F to C to F converter. Probably should go in the tutorial section.

  • Windchill.bas - an early program, requested by my boss. Since windchill is pretty fuzzy I don't care much for this program.

  • WTime3.bas (needs much sorting) - I was in over my head when I started this one, as this is a very early, complicated (I think) program. I could probably get it right if I tried it again, but as all programmers know, you gotta keep moving!


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